Any players from Cardiff/ South Wales?


Hello all,
I have recently moved to Cardiff to study, however the university doesn’t have a LARP society. I was wondering if there were any people from the area that would like to meet up sometime for a chat about Empire. If anyone is interested please comment below or send me a personal message. I’m a Wintermarker by the way…



There are quite a lot Navarr I know from South Wales around Swansea (indeed there is a larp pub in Swansea run by a few empire players), but not sure in Cardiff. Il ask around!


Oh wow, I did not know about that. Thanks for letting me know, also if you do happen to find any people or societies from around Cardiff please let me know.


There are a few people around Cardiff and environs who do Empire (I’m in Caerphilly), but we’re mostly League. Not sure how busy people would be for meetups though.