Any players from Leeds / Yorkshire?

I am a new player from Leeds. I’ve chosen Navarr as my character’s nation and Naga (possibly) as my lineage. I’m wondering if there are any Empire players in Leeds Yorkshire based? I’m attending E1 solo and via public transport so it’d be nice to have a friendly face or two at E1 and/or on the trains there.

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I’m a Halifax based/Leeds commute person.

Play in Urizen, but have a rather disconcertingly (said with great love and affection) large number of Navarri players I can help put you in contact if you want

(Also, am happy to do social meet ups/froths as wanted…as my group is mostly new player/player event attended only folks)

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Hello @Squeek_D!
I’m glad to have found a fellow LRPer from this ‘neck of t’woods’ :blush:. And one who commutes, and potentially (?) having someone to chat to for sure makes the long journey seem less difficult.
I’d really appreciate the introductions if you and they don’t mind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
And, although l am set on Navarr, I would really enjoy having mutual friendly faces in other nations and for OOC :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll have an ask 'round, as I’m pretty certain a good chunk of the Autumngale lot (a Navarri group, can’t remember if Striding or Steading based) are somewhere West/South Yorkshire based, alongside some assorted Dawnish and Freeborn players

I’m more active on Discord than FB, so if you want I can drop details, etc in a message to you

Sharing transit might be one of the better ideas, as I’m starting to do the logistics dance of travel/snacks/OC gear for my group for E1*…and had a nosey at train tickets to Banbury (nearest station to the site) from Leeds and had minor moment of 'OW MUCH?! …even as a 'proper adult with a 'proper job.

(Most train routes have you changing at Sheffield or Doncaster- which is a nice, cheap trip…and then it’s a bit of a weird leg to Banbury that costs)

*- Note, we’ve got a mixed location bag, with (if we’re at full) three of us up in the Leeds-Bradford commute orbit, one in North Wales, and (the only person who’s actually been to a mainline event) down Wiltshire area… so logistics is a fun game

I’m active on discord a lot so that would be great.

The train fare gave me a slight fright too, and I don’t drive so don’t have much of a choice in the matter.
I wonder if there is anyway of cheapening up costs with more people, not sure how though not that I’m trying to push myself into a group, just a passing thought.

Re: travel costs, let me talk to my group.

No point shelling out silly money if you can travel with a group and split the costs of a rental car/gas.

( With kit, etc, we’re looking at pooling for travel anyway…I’ve done travel to player events on public transit before and it was An Adventure)

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Hey there,

I hope you enjoyed E1 and are planning to go again!

If you are Just an FYI that I’m starting to run a coach from Manchester straight to site on Thursdays and Back on Sundays - I know Public transport can be a pain :sob:

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Hello, I thought I might tag on to this post since I’m in a similar situation. I’m moving to the Leeds area in September and I’d like to join a group.
I’d also like to play Navarr and already have some kit for it but I need some advice. Is there a discord or a Facebook group I could join?

Excited to meet some new friends!

Welcome to Empire, the forums and the (best) nation, MrJohnson!

There are official Facebook groups, all beginning “Empire LRP”, run and moderated by PD.
I suggest joining the Player Support and Navarr groups for a start, as between them you ought to be able to find answers to most questions. Though rules queries are best put directly to PD by email in order to get an official answer.

There’s also an unofficial Discord server for Empire. The fastest way I know to join is to search for the Hefty Yeti channel on YouTube and follow the perma-link in the channel’s info.

Thank you @Unslain ! I have joined the groups you suggested. I look forward to roleplaying with everyone!