Any tips on roleplaying a medic/witch?

Hiya! I’m constantly plaguing this forum, so I very much apologise.

I’m planning (once we are released) to go down the magic or medical path, as the battles arent my personal cup of tea, and I’m not a good enough debater for being a priest or politician, plus I love me some fun magic roleplaying. I was wondering if any fellow mages or medics had any tips on roleplaying performing magic and healing people, as I don’t want to ruin any immersion. My character is dawnish and is very naive and idealistic, almost childlike, or at least that’s the way I plan to play her. If you need any extra information, I’m happy to give it :slight_smile:

Just to let you know most of the magic healing is done on the battlefield, as that’s where you can justify spending power to do it quickly. Once people are back in Anvil you can treat most wounds with general healing roleplay which takes longer but doesn’t cost anything, but as you’re not under fire and they don’t need to go and hold the line works OK.

Most healing roleplay off the battlefield uses the Physik skill and generally takes place in the hospital, although there is some call for healers after tourneys in the Dawnish Glory Square.

This is not to say your character build won’t work, but you may want to pick up the Physik skill to complement your other choices if you have the XP left.

As far as casting spells, thinking about what you want to say beforehand, perhaps writing it down so you don’t have to work out your timing on the fly is recommended. I’m in Highguard myself so not so sure of the Dawnish brief, but incorporating any of their hearth magic is a good for general inspiration, followed by having a look at the different theories of magic and seeing if one appeals to you.


I play a magic healer mage in Dawn…

Some things that can be done very nicely:

Loud and portentous spell vocals (It’s Dawn, we don’t do moderation, inside voice, or modest)

Invocation of heraldic beasts*

Dramatic gestures, sweeping motions with implements… there’s nothing to stop a spell being as much a dance as a song, and the healing ones take about 30 seconds each anyway (you won’t want to Swift Cast things if not in a combat situation).

While you might well run out of personal mana doing heals, there are several tents on the main field enchanted with “Chamber of Chimes” (or whatever it’s called), which replenishes your personal mana after 15 minutes of quiet roleplaying. I tend to tell stories and sing songs.

As for demand, if there isn’t a bloodthirsty tournament going on in Dawn, or a riotous football game spilling out from the Marches, or a battlefield spilling wounded and tormented back through the Sentinel Gate… there’ll always be skirmishes happening and the Anvil Field Hospital to be staffed…

You can certainly keep quite busy as a main field healer… :smiley:

*Often done in my swift cast spells:
“Purity of the Unicorn, be cleansed! (Swift Cast Purification)”
“As the Hydra, regrow and rise again! (Swift Cast Restore Limb)”
“Rise Reborn In Pheonix Flame! (Swift Cast Heal)”


You can definitely combine Magic and Medicine in one build,
Don’t worry about being perfect, there are a lot of people who are happy to help new players and get fun out of it.

A pattern of magic I have got into goes along
I call upon insert heraldic beast - (The Firebird is a valid symbol for all healing spells, and the Hydra works for heal and repair limb)
Talk about why I chose that heraldic beast
(“The Firebird, that burns with a fire that grants new life, a noble creatures whose fire burns away corruption.”)
Then I tell my summoned Creature what I want it to do.
"Go forth into that body, seek out the poison that flows through the veins and sear it away with your purifying flame.
Tell the person about the result
“Feel the fire of the firebird as it burns away the contagion leaving you healthy and well.”

(With a bit of gesticulation and pacing this normally fills 30s, and remember if you get stuck repeat yourself. Ritual often features repetition.)
(My other model is imagine you are said creature, but you get a lot of IC looks of incredulity doing that :p)