Any Welsh Groups?

Greetings all.

Id like to thank everyone for there comments on my previous topics.

As a new player … I was wondering if there are any groups from the south Wales ( or surrounding ) area.

Thanks in advance


There’s a few of us from Swansea and more from Cardiff, always happy to meet and make introductions.

Thanks for the reply … mind if I ask which nation your all with ?

Wintermark and there are some league that I’m aware of

Thanks for the reply Will_r & Ciderclaus

Is there anyone in particular I should be contacting ?

Thanks again


either will or me for wintermark as we’re in the same group, I can get contacts for the league guys. While I think about it there are some Navar in Cardiff as well.

Cool thanks … guess I best get my thinking cap on … oh the choices :smiley: