Anyone had any experience with winterforge?

I was wondering what the general opinion was of winterforge armories and their weapons. I’m planning to order a custom and want to ensure I pick right.

I bought a pre made dagger from them over a year ago, and it’s still serving me well to this day! I’ve yet to give it any maintenance, but I shall do this year. Their quality seem good! Can’t say about custom however, but the base stuff is great. Much better than my other LARP weapon which is one of those more mass produced items.

Thanks for your response. I might go with them. It depends on how much it works out to.

I have one of their bucklers and it’s still working well after a year and a half of being hit by Ogres. I have no experience with their weapons though so cannot comment.

I have an Axe which was a custom job - i wanted a reinforced leather head so that I can hook shields and really bust open shield walls .

I have no complaint, its a solidly built weapon, styling is their own and not exactly my taste (i prefer very clean finishes like Eldritch achieves), but in terms of form over frippery its an awesome weapon

Very happy with the finish on my shield face

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I will be placing the deposit for my custom winterforge rapier in the next week or two. Thanks to everyone who contributed an opinion.

Oooh nice :slight_smile:

Well I placed my deposit, my attire is coming slowly together. Doublet should arrive Monday, hose, sword, scabbard and cloak I’m picking up in may. Might get some throwing knives too. :smiley:

Really friendly; good comms over email.

I wanted a specific, custom axe and they delivered my spec without deviation.

Price Very competitive too… I will use them again