Anyone have good camp food recipes?


I’m thinking of making some food at E1 for a House celebration night and I was wondering what people would recommend making.
Preferably as simple but fulfilling as possible as this will be my first time cooking at Anvil.
Yes we have a usable firepit.

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I did a post exploring this, it goes through how you make a meal a little bit more complicated, would you like me to link you to it or just give a suggestion here?



That’s be great, thanks.

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Here you go. If it doesn’t help you then I’ll try and give some more advice here.



We’re League, but we’ve eaten pasta and sauce a few times. Quite easy to do IC if you can get your water to boil. You may need to camouflage your bag of pasta and source of the sauce, but that can be as easy as decanting each ingredient into IC containers in your tent before bringing it out. As a healer, I will often have a variety of herbs on me.

If you have the patience, I can see a spit-roast making you many meat-eating friends and veggie enemies among those camping downwind.

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On the rare occasions I do, I pre-cook batches at home, freeze, and then reheat over the fire. Usually stews and chillis for one-pot simplicity. It means you can be 100% sure it’s cooked through and you don’t have to faff.

I hate cooking in the field though!



Pre-prep as much as possible. Aim for re-heating in a field rather than cooking from scratch. The bigger the frozen lump the longer it takes to re-heat, so if prepping in advance freeze in smaller portions and add a bit to your pot at a time.

One big hot dish (soups, stews, and all variations of tasty-something-in-sauce - curries, chilli, tagine) + a carbohydrate (bread, couscous, pasta) + salad + side dishes/relishes makes an impressive spread. I find it’s is definitely worth spending a little bit more on proper crusty bread rather than burger rolls or similar. If you can manage some cake/fruit/sweets (candied fruit, chocolate etc) for afters it also looks impressive to be able to set out a second course.

What nation are you in, and what dietary requirements do you have in your group (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, allergies etc)?



Pre cooked and frozen stews and soups are great. Last well in cool bags and can be decanted straight into pots with about a 1/3rd again of water (freezing removes some water and if frozen still the water will stop it from burning).

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While I usually make more complicated things (i.e literally bread), a great simple one a friend made over the fire pit was just salmon in tinfoil. Grill it in butter and lemon, and you really can’t go wrong! If you got a neat tilly can or something just as sturdy and simple, you can boil up some veg easily over the pit also to go along side it.



I like to precook the veg and pluses then add meat on the day to my Dutch oven



Big Pot, Water, lots of Veg Stock.
Farm Veg - Can get fresh or frozen, and is totally IC to be slicing up carrots and stuff and throwing them in. Can’t really go wrong - Carrots, Peas, Squash etc.
Meat - Pretty much anything. Might be worth precooking at home then freezing it in stew-friendly sized lumps or just buying it frozen.
Dumplings - Buy or make. This bulks out the stew, and makes it more filling. Can also use lumps of potato for this.
Pair with bread and a bit of butter.

This is cool as you can add to it, and it’ll keep fairly well for the next day aswell.

As it’s a larp field with a wide range of diverse people, I found that sticking to ‘Meat or Veggie’ is the easiest. I know there are Vegans, Gluten Free and Lactose intolerant people but usually they tend to be in the minority and you can’t cater for everyone without putting in significant effort and expense. If the food is pretty much only for your group, it’s easy enough to ask around and if there are no difference over and above Meat or Veggie, then you are golden. Not your responisibility to cater for the whole field :wink:

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