Anyone recruiting?

Hello, I am a potential new player and I am hoping to come to the September event. However I am finding it difficult to find any friends that are interested in coming with me. As this is the case I was wondering if anyone would be interested in recruiting a total newbie to their hall (or group, or whatever). Obviously I recognize that it’s a little strange that I’m asking to meet some total strangers, but I would greatly appreciate any advice.
Thanks very much!

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Do you have a preference to what nation, or what kind of game you want to get into.
Going solo is a fine way to start as long as you know what you are looking for.
Fighting? Magic? Politics ect

Which nation are you joining?

Not a problem Arthurjones.

You may wish to start by having a look at the various nations, and getting a feel for which of them you find interesting. Or indeed, which you feel you have (or can find) costume for.

Beyond that, you CAN wander around solo for as long as you like, but you may feel slightly excluded, especially if you’re new to the hobby and the system.

And if you don’t get any other offers, I have a space or two in my group (which I shall briefly describe as Wizard-Knight-Pirates of Dawn), if you are interested in heading that way. Happy to take on “total newbies” and show them around, and no obligation to stay.

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I was solo and new to all LARPing at the last event and found a lot of people in the league who were welcoming and lovely. It will be the same with all the other nations and you can quickly join groups in play.
My personal advice is to really get over any anxiety about meeting new people, put yourself out there, and maybe try and get there early to meet people in your nation ahead of time in. Helping people set up is a quick way to make friends on the field, even if they aren’t in your group.

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If you come to the league, we a re a mercenary company, pay our fighters well and pride ourselves on professionalism. We also are comfortable with people coming and going. Joining for a few events while they find their feet. We dont have our hands in many pie’s, tending us all to our own thing in small groups. But having a group to lean on when needed and fight with. So if you just need some friendly faces to say hi to, have a beer or grub and some company on the field come and say hello

Thanks for the replies. I was going to join Wintermark or Dawn because I think I would be more interested in the fighting or politics. The whole reason I was nervous about going on my own was because I’m not too sure of the lore of Empire, and, although I have access to the wiki, I would like to meet some in game players so I can really immerse myself.

If you’re a member of Wintermark, then I invite you to come and poke around my hall, were called Wyvern’s Watch we’re a group of beast slayers. We shouldn’t be hard to find as were announcing ourselves at the Wintermark moot (a big gathering of all the Wintermark player) we will have an IC area set up where people can come over and have a chat it’s very open (don’t worry about crashing anything or being awkward just come over), you can come and speak to us you don’t have to join, if you think we’re boring or not what you want.
If you at all feel daunted or lost at empire I’m making it part of my characters goals as a stormcrow to guide those who are “new to anvil”. If you want any more info then just give me a PM.

Well since Dawn is on that list:

Ever wanted to play the hero whose home was destroyed by Barbarians? Who has seen their home burned down around them, by forces no one could have hoped to stand against alone. A surprise strike by more than twenty thousand Orcs that caught everyone unprepared. To have lost family members, either to death or the slavery of the Druj. To enter the game

More seriously my group de Carsenere is from a region (The Barrens) that was completely taken by Barbarian Orcs (the Druj) just before last event. As you can imagine it’s a fairly interesting time for us, and while like many areas of the gameworld alot has happened since the start. Honestly that first sentence hold the most important information.

We have a fairly broad mixture from players who have been in the game since the start, to players on their second event, so if you have any questions there will be someone who can answer them. (Also we might have an IC library for next event.)
While the group started as a pure combat group we now have a fairly broad range of characters with someone playing most parts of the game.

Not to mention the whole knight errant structure of Dawn, means that if you decided you get on with another group in Dawn better it is very easy to change as a new player.


Thanks, that sounds like something I would be interested in. I don’t really know how to send personal messages, but I’d be happy to talk more about your group if you want to message me.

That sounds great, please could you send me a personal message so we could talk more about the league.
Thanks very much.

I went on my own to empire at E4, everyone is helpful and nice (OC rather than IC), go to taverns, the hub or shops with groups of people from your nation

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Hi Arthur, I came across a thread that you were looking for a group. Just wondered if you managed to find one, if not I am recruiting for a house I run in Dawn, relatively new house that like to just help each other out.

Feel free to PM me if you would like more info, if not good luck and enjoy empire its awesome!

You mentioned wintermark. I think the majority of new players join them. This will mean you will be with lots of people in the same boat but you may find that there are too many people. You may find that with new players, their RP isn’t so refined, this can simply be because they are a little unsure. This can be good if you yourself are a little unsure as your slip ups will seem more normal however it may make it harder for you to get fully immersed. No matter where you join, you will find people are friendly and welcoming.

For now I think you should look at which nation you will find easiest to make a character and costume for. It makes it a lot easier for your first time if you aren’t worrying about your clothes not looking right and your character not feeling like they belong in the right place. This doesn’t mean you can’t make a character that is out of place. My first character was quite out of place and it made it very interesting for me and the people around me but it was quite stressful for me and had its downsides as well as upsides.

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