Apothecary skill question

On the surgical skills page it says “You cannot use any surgical skills on yourself” and yet under the Apothecary section it says “Herbs can be mixed to produce a potion that can be taken by any character”. Does “any character” include your own character or not?


You’re using Apothecary on the herbs to create a potion.
Not on whichever character eventually drinks that potion.
Potions are really handy, and you’ll probably be able to find a buyer for almost any of them.

In terms of buying/selling potions, is there any guide as to a reasonable pricing? As a new player it can be kind of hard to get a feel for the value of certain goods :slight_smile:

Deliberatly not.

Generally, value of the herbs+your fees to make it.

To approximatly value the herbs; A full herb garden output is worth around 9 crowns; assuming all personal resources have value parity. Fliers of IC values are available for a few rings each event; although these are players’ oppinions, and not universal values mandated synthetically. You are likley to get a good idea of approximate values by asking around in the field; there is no conspiracy to take advantage of new players (although is still worth asking two or three unassociated people, just in case).

Depending on how difficult it is to find someone who makes the potion in question; I have payed anything between a ring and a crown in apothicary’s fees, usually toward the lower end.

On-field prices fluctuate strongly, and we’re not really supposed to discuss the current rates OC.
Unless it’s one of the rarer recipes, it’s my experience that [ingredient cost] + [a few rings] is a decent guess, as many apothecaries will prepare potions for friends if supplied with ingredients, and thus what you’re actually selling is herbs plus convenience.

(also [ingredient cost] is what it would cost someone to buy those herbs from you, not what would it cost you to get more of them. Important distinction. :wink: )