Apothecary suggestion

As an apothecary I find the skill useful in that it allows me to (if you will forgive the MMORPG phrase) buff people and give them the capacity for self sufficency (provided they use it before hitting zero hits) but i have heard it described as a bit of a “coke machine” skill in that you put herbs in and laminated potions come out. it also means having to leave the IC field to go to god and make the exchange. Which bothers me a bit as you wouldnt just go wandering off and then come back with a load of bottles.
How difficult would it be to have say part of the civil service hub dressed as an alchemy lab with the potion lammies there and have the members of the civil service able to give them out.
Factors i feel are in favor of this
Means that potion makers get to stay IC and have opportunity to RP mixing their herbs up
People looking for a potion maker would have a central point of contact and people could pin up their adverts there.
Could be a focal point for apothecarys as the hospital is for physics (some cross over there obviously) perhaps an alchemists guild and could create RP

Factors against
Ties a person to the location and it could be either very boring or very busy.
Longer delay if a particular potion card is out of stock as the laminators are in GOD
Possibility of asshat players stealing the lammies even though they dont exist in game
expense of set dressing a part of the hub or another tent.

Opinions please do people think it is a good idea or is the status quo fine

It’s been mooted before and the objection was that lammies of objects that didn’t exist IC would be there to nick, whereas for example the other boxes in the Hub are full of objects that actually do exist.

I would love to see it happen, possibly from the ref hide next to the regio.

An odd thought that’s just come to mind on seeing this (the xth of many such discussions): If apothecaries can mix up potions as fast as they can go to GOD, what if they were allowed to create potion effects by ripping up(/handing a ref) all the herbs used as part of the creation, without actually going to GOD and getting the lammies in between?

With an appropriate roleplaying clause, of course, it might make apothecary a more valued skill.

We’ve talked about this before - specifically setting up some Blue Hats in the Hospital area to RP and to do potions. Mostly it is only logistics/crew that are delaying it.

Ooo, kind of like the NPCs in the world forge at Odyssey, who have an admin function but also RP? That could be pretty cool.

It’s been suggested before - at least once on this very forum.

Interesting idea, but there are a number of major logistical hassles to doing it, mostly around having large stocks of highly valuable items on the field that aren’t present IC.

To clarify my thinking, I’m going to refer to my suggestion as “Unstable Potions”.

I don’t think it’s been discussed here before, but I may have missed it.

Under “Unstable Potions” an apothecary would have two ways of functioning: 1) The present way where they go to GOD and get a potion.
2) They use up all the potion ingredients, with a minute (or whatever length of time is deemed appropriate) of roleplaying, to create the potion effect. This is an “unstable” potion, because it has to be used immediately.

So, two example situations where this idea would change things:

  1. On the field of battle someone is in need of healing, and there is an apothecary present, with herbs, but no Physick. At present, the apothecary can do nothing; with unstable potions they could brew up a relevant potion, tearing the herbs, and applying the effect immediately.

  2. When preparing to cast a spring ritual an apothecary with Balms of the Fountainhead wants to provide a Suffusion of Blood to the ritualists. At present they must go to GOD, possibly queueing, and requiring ref aid. With the unstable option they could simply use up the eight herbs in the regio, applying the bonus there and then.

On the positive side, as far as I can see this would mostly decrease the load on the crew, as players would be handling more themselves without going to GOD.

On the negative side it would mean fewer herbs making it back into GOD, and it introduces the potential for players to mess up the recipes when using the potions.

It also increases the power of the Apothecary and Extra Potion skills, which could be good or bad depending on how you feel about

Just wanted to share the thinking, because it’s something that seems like a non-obvious option, that may not previously have been considered.

At Odyssey, philosophers are allowed to spontaneously mix together Lesser Mysteries (equivalent to like potions) using Quintessence (what we use to make the equivalent to potions, so in this example like herbs) spontaneously for use immediately. We do this at the gates of the Arena immediately before an Arena Battle and we can do this on Quests if a Lesser Mystery is needed. In both instances, we do it with a ref. We can also go to GOD and get Lesser Mystery Preparations, which last for as long as we like and come in nice sealed pots (which all look alike, but we cope with that).

I would support Empire allowing spontaneous potion making, where the herbs are combined for immediate use. If the Odyssey model is used, you’d use a ref, hand them the herb cards (no need to rip them up, so they could be re-used), the ref confirms the potion is made correctly, and the ref confirms the effect.

Ignoring the power balance points, I think making it a battle skill kind of removes the flavour. I’d prefer options that gave apothecaries more chance to actually cackle over their cauldron of herbs.

Although for the ritual potions in particular making them a ref adjudicated thing, would be hugely hard to implement, and sounds like a move that could increase the roleplay around potion making. Would make being a ritual groups pet apothecary into something you could put get some interesting RP out of.

Perhaps something like Goosewhisper Infusion, or any of the Infusion of Feathers set, could have the herbs tearing idea. You need a ref present to use those potions anyway. I especially like to prepare a little “infusion” for my victims - ah - customers to inhale on field and really get into the environment. “Making” the potion twice (going to GOD to get a lammy, and then making it IC) is a little odd.

With my Blue hat firmly on, we would love to be able to field an IC Apothecary. We haven’t done it yet for all the reasons given, plus the manpower/flexibility issue:
We do lots of different jobs in GOD, and while we have our specialities, most of us can do most of them. Potions accounts for maybe 1/2 of a full time position averaged out, but has big peaks where 2-3 crew are doing it at once, followed by hours of practically nothing. Putting someone on it full time on the IC field results in queues at (unpredictable) busy times and GOD loosing out on everything else that person would have done during the lulls.

I have a dream that, in a few years time, on a permanent site, we will have a permanent GOD building straddling the divide, with both IC and OOC shop-fronts.

I don’t object to ref-adjudicated brew-and-immediately-use potions, but that’s a thing for refs to talk about.