Apprentice ability's


The apprentice ability allows a player of a young age or a adult with no skill points spent to learn a new skill but my question is how long of appropriate roleplay is needed to learn a skill?


There isn’t a set limit on how much roleplaying is needed until you “gain the skill”. Its mainly there to give a reason as to why you can do the thing without having a skill point as well as letting you try the skill before you commit your skill points. If your not certain if you want to try a skill you could spend several events roleplaying an apprentice, if you know for certain you want to do something the rpg can be minimal.

Out of curiosity, what kind of character do you think you want to play?

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For clarity, apprentice doesn’t let you learn the skill, it just lets you use it under direct supervision of another character.

E. G, you could perform surgery on a wounded character as if you had the physic skill, as long as another player with the skill was standing there feeding you instructions. “cut that, stitch here, grind the marrowart into a paste and feed it to them… Etc”

As soon as you’re not being directly supervised you no longer have access to the skill.


I’m stuck between mage (just not ritual) and fighter, two reasons:

  1. I have a limited budget ( I don’t know how much yet and most armour that a fighter would use is too expensive.
  2. I can’t find any good or rods or wands so I don’t have the correct equipment for a mage
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I would highly recommend asking to borrow equipment. Most older/experienced larpers justify holding onto old equipment so they can loan it to newbies.

One of the side advantages of battle mage is that Mage Armour can be relatively cheap. The set I’m making consists of plastic beads (that look IC appropriate), shiny fabric I canabalized from a charity shop, and rune covered ribbons.

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If you are considering joining Highguard we definitely have several people with too many weapons and armour to wear all their own stuff.
We’ll also be fairly invested in making sure you don’t die your first trip out!

Based on your previous post, I expect you’ll be able to do the citizen ship test pretty quickly, but it might be a year or so before you do the battle test. In which case I would suggest looking at being a mage first as you can do that in Anvil, and there are plenty of mages who would be happy to show you the ropes.

You can also go to some of the classes at the academy who will be happy to explain everything too.


I was under the impression that once I’d been taut the skill I could use it at any time as in the rules for it it doesn’t say anything about needing to be supervises to use a skill


"This ability allows them to use any skill provided they are being actively instructed by another character who knows that skill.

An apprentice can only use a skill under the close supervision of another character who knows that skill.

The supervisor must roleplay providing direction and instruction and cannot use any other abilities of any kind. “

Basically you never actually gain the skill, you just get to have an effect, as long as you’re being directly instructed. Effectively you’re being loaned the skill temporarily by the instructor.

If I remember correctly there is also a section on the wiki about spending xp at events, which suggests you roleplay being instructed by someone with the skill before going to God and spending the xp, but that’s a very different mechanic to the Apprentice ability.


Oh thank you for clearing that up I believed that the skill automaticly spent the points needed (now that I’m typeing it out it sounds like it makes no sense.)