Apprenticeship in Combat skills?

If I spend no exp points before my first event the wiki says I could use a skill if tutored by another.

But it does not state if combat skills such as Marksman works here as well?

I just wanted to try out archery before investing in a bow and all the gear, but I guess it may be a better option than asking to use someone else’s so all in all this may be a pointless question I guess…

IMHO, if you used a bow to practice with your group without the skill, As long as you did not try and use it on the Battlefield/skirmish/duel/assassination I wouldnt have a problem. The marksman sill would allow someone else with the skill to stand next to you, give the training montage (Eyes up, Shoulder back. Arm straight ect) and allow you to use the bow with full use.

We’ve had someone in Highguard practicing with a new bow for a couple of events, tends to bring everyone else out to have a go, provide help and even offer to be targets!

We tend to say we’re firing practice blunts as most of us having a go don’t have marksman ( and shooting your brothers and sisters for real would be frowned on!)

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I’d say that is precisely what apprenticeship is for; you can try out any skills you want (well, within reason) and then spend your points on the ones you want to keep. Whether any archers out there will let you borrow a bow is another topic entirely, but I think you would be surprised. I play a battlefield physick and I got people offering me some spare armour for the big morning battles.

One thing I would say is that apprenticeships are only really good for Anvil stuff like archery practice, being taught how to fight with two weapons, and drilling with soldiers; it’s not for taking to the battlefield. Apprenticing yourself is not going to let you ‘borrow’ extra health points or those essential heroic skills which would let you survive combat.

Archery against static targets or plinking blunts at the shields of your allies is very different to skirmishing and battles. For a start, archers seem to be suggesting that they lose a third to half or their arrows (at £6 - £12 a go) every time they play. You are also likely to be shooting at targets in a forest who are running at you screaming while trying to a) hit them and b) judge when to start running away.

If you can borrow a bow, you can take archery for your first event and then email PD after the event to have your skills changed if archery really doesn’t do it for you. You can also ask PD about playing a monster archer; they provide the arrows (not sure about the bow) if there is a battle with archers in it and that is the best way to try out any new skill before committing the points.

I also suggest taking any bow you have to weapons-check (even if it has a green band already) for a basic safety talk. They have hand-outs with a brief overview of the safety rules.

Ah problem here might be is you need to be a 0xp character to use the apprentice ability and also it requires the other person to give you their full attention so they can’t be doing anything else at the time. That doesn’t really set itself up for battlefield or skirmish use.

But I don’t think that practising archery by say shooting at a target while on the Anvil field needs you to have a skill as you’re not trying to cause a terrible wound to someone :slight_smile:.

But what @AnthonyHJ suggests is also a good idea, that if you borrow a bow to have a go with it and take the archery skill then you’ve got the option of swapping it out if it’s not for you.

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I should also point out that cheap arrows are cheap for a reason. My wife picked up a handful of £6 arrows and they didn’t even last a four day event; every one of them was dead by the next event because the fletchings fell off. On the other hand, her £10 arrows are still good after two events, so they proved their value.

I did not expect to be able to apprentice in any battles/skirmishes, sorry I should have made that initially clearer.

But if I can only apprentice with 0xp then I may be better off trying it out with a spec’d out character and since its my first event I could ask PD to change my points afterwards if its not for me

You can ask to change your skills during an event as well, if you come to GOD. We are always happy to help new players respec themselves during the day if it helps you enjoy an event more.


I didn’t know that, that could be useful indeed :slight_smile: thank you

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I have brought my bow to a few events. We’ve done informal archery competitions in Anvil, some informal lessons (I happen to be GNAS qualified archery instructor) and I’ve been monstering with it once. (bear in mind not every battle needs monsters with bows).

I just stuck something in my personal backstory about teaching basic archery to youngsters as part of their military prep (big thing in Highguard).

Still haven’t spent XP on marksman and have no intention of doing so for this character.

Please note the bow and arrows MUST still be taken to weapons check if they are going to be on the field after time in, and you must follow the general safety rules whatever.