++Arcane projections and more++

You may already have seen, but we’ve posted a new podcast to the Podbean site: “All About Arcane Projections.” If you want to listen to Graeme and me talk about APs - what they are, what they’re for, how you make them - then you can find the podast here -> https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-zwapd-d4fd2b

I thought I’d also mention that the whole Empire LRP game team - Clare, Graeme, Matthew and I - are at LARPCON this Saturday. Paul Wilder will be running the usual PeeDee stall there, and Matthew is even on a panel about crewing. We’ll also be sticking around for the LARP Awards (fingers crossed). If you’re coming, why not stop by and say hi? I’ll be the one in the hat.

Finally, it’s probably worth another reminder that midnight on Saturday is the early booking deadline for Event one. If you want your ticket at the cheaper price, now is the time to book. Book early, book often, as we’d probably say in the office if we were that kind of people.

Oh and if you’re at LARPCON on the Sunday why not come and support/heckle me on Sunday at 1:20pm in Studio 2 when I’m on the Building LARP communities in the UK panel with John Shockley, Kitty Dobson, Clare Evans, David Norris and Ian Knope :slight_smile:.

And here I was thinking that an “arcane projection” was the knob on the end of a battlemage staff.