Archaeology & History: Your interests?

I originally grew up on a farm in Wiltshire that was something like a time warp…A very special world to grow up in, the soils were rich in archaeology (and uniquely covering almost every period in human history, from the last Ice Age to the present times). My childhood was hard (full of hard labour and poverty, yadda yadda etc) and working out in the fields from a young age it was only natural for me to stumble across this archaeology (and thus develop an interest in history etc).

And even though those hard farm days are long behind me, my passionate interest in history & archaeology is still very much alive in me. So many fascinating eras…And i hate to say it but i am interested in pretty much every period in history (more so the more ancient periods though)!

I would imagine that there are others here interested in the past…So who here is interested in archaeology & history (and are there any particular periods in history that really interest you in particular)?