Archer starter kit for sale

For sale -

1 boring black 30lb fibre glass short-bow (50”) wrapped in black cloth in a desperate attempt to make it less boring.

1 black leather back quiver, nicely made simple piece of kit.

8 lovingly handmade pine shaft arrows.

I’m selling this as a single package in the hope that there’s a new player out there keen to play a beater/unconquered/whateveraNavaarrangeriscalled but can’t justify the cost of an archer set up. However, if you just want the arrows and

sell the other stuff on eBay then I care not.

Arrows and bow passed weapons check autumn equinox last year and haven’t been used since.

£90 all in, click n collect from the Highguard camp at event 1, 2 or 4.

PM me if you’re interested.



Is this still available? I’m bringing a new archer to E1 in need of weaponry and we’d be glad to collect from you.
Can’t seem to send you a private message for some reason.


You need a couple of posts/replies before you can send a PM, so I should have considered that really.

Anyway, I’ve sent you a PM which you should be able to get, if you haven’t let me know.


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