Archery/Bow Purchase

Hey Empire Folk,

I’m looking to buy a bow and would like to ask for advice if I may?

Having looked over various larp specific sites, the bows seem either quite expensive or not to my taste. Is it acceptable to buy a normal bow (keeping it to costume brief) and if so, what lb should I be buying at?

I’d hate to buy one that wouldn’t be deemed safe that’s all.


The rules for Archery are here:

From the weapons check page:

  • The draw of a bow must be less than 30 lbs at 28” draw. Crossbows are also limited to 30lbs draw weight

My personal experience, my smaller basic fibreglass plain green 20lb bow is perfectly sufficient and easier to manage than my fancy 28 lb horsebow. The smaller size means I can tuck it in against my body for running, and the poundage is fine, larp arrows are not very aerodynamic so accuracy at range isn’t great regardless.

It’s better to be under because cold weather, cold bow and various other things can affect poundage when tested and you don’t want to be over!

If you have an option buy a spare bow string and some string wax while you’re at it, then you can look after your purchase.


You can absolutely use a regular bow, the right poundage is usually teen or training bows but they are often available in black or brown which is fine and good, just avoid something like bright orange :smiley: Quite a lot of archery gear is also useful, its the kind of hobby where people tend to like older materials like leather and wood.

Our group has used Quicks archery a fair bit in the past, though mostly because they are local, though they do do mail order via their website afaik.

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