Archery query


I’m a complete newb to LARP and had a couple of queries regarding archery. As a somewhat acomplished archer I have several bows laying around. I was wondering:

Is there was any limitation on having an arrow shelf rather than shooting off the hand?
Any limitations on bow type? (horsebow, recurve, flatbow, hybrid bow)

with regards to arrow recovery:

Can I recover and fire another players arrows?
following on from a battle, would I receive my arrows back?

thank you for taking the time to read through this!
hope to see you all soon.

Here’s the wiki page on Bow Safety -

Any type of bow can be used but they have to comply with the Weapons Checking guidelines for bows - The main rule being “the draw of a bow must be less than 30 lbs at 28” draw”.

Yes you can recover and fire other players arrows back as long as you check that they’re still safe to fire.

Everyone’s arrows get put into a number of big barrels in the Game Operations tent so as long as you’ve clearly marked your arrows you’ll get them back within a few hours of the battle finishing. If you’ve got other people’s arrows you’ve picked up, you should drop them off here post battle.


Thank you for responding so quickly!

I have a few bows that fall within the requirements so that has saved me some money!

makes sense to dump all of the arrows together and let people sort them out themselves eh.



Given that LARP arrowheads tend to have big flat foam ends, it’s traditional to mark these with a design, or even your player ID, for later identification.


I like that idea! thanks!