Archery Tag

Hiya All,

I was a pretty keen archer in my youth and have recently taken up Turkish/Mongolian style archery for fun. I have a 30lb horse bow and have several Archery Tag arrows that I use for safety when practising. I was thinking of playing as an archer/medic during the combat segments and My kit seemed to meet the requirements, but then I read “Archery Tag screw-on arrowheads are not currently accepted at our events”.

Is there a way to convert my Archery Tag arrows to meet this requirement? If the worry is the head coming off (which has never happened to any of mine before) I could tap it onto the shaft with masking tape.

Thank you!

While you might get people on here who can give you reasons why you can or cannot use these arrows, the only way you will know for sure is if you Email PD.

They will have final say on this, and will be able to give you reasons why you can’t use them, or steps you can take to make them acceptable.