Are certain resources more popular in certain nations?

I imagine farm is common in the Marches, I would guess Brass Coast has a lot of fleet and Dawn probably has a lot of military units?

Yes, by design in most nations. The resources that give votes in senatorial elections in each nation are Congregations in Highguard, Businesses in The League and Farms as you’ve said the Marches. Urizen’s elections are based around Magical Lore so you’re going to see a lot of Mana Sites there.

In the Imperial Orcs their Bourse Seats are voted on by Orcs with Military Units so they’re going to be common there. The Varushkan Bourse Seats are voted on by Mine and Forest owners so they’re going to be more common. The Brass Coast seat is based around privateering, so Fleets and in Navarr their seat is voted on by Herb Garden owners.


Does dawn have one?
Also, thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

Military Units are popular there, but I don’t think there’s any mechanical benefit, it just fits the style of the nation.

You can see how many military units support imperial armies last season on this wiki page for reference:

That is really usefull thankyou!

Dawns elections are not connected with their personal resources, and are decided by tournaments between the nobles. As Mark pointed out, that Dawn has loads of military units is due more to theme than mechanics :slight_smile:

I have ended up putting business on my character sheet so I might end up being a bit of an oddball in dawn anyway. I think Seneschal fits?

Military Units in Dawn do get to vote on the Castellan of Spiral Castle every Autumn.

Nobles almost certainly wouldn’t have a business resource, but it fits for being yeofolk.

Depends on the noble :wink: I have a business, fluffed as a stipend from my house Seneschal deriving from one of the house holdings. What can I say, I like having cake and ale money…

I was thinking of being a noble who for one reason or another is now incapable of partaking in combat and tourneys (as I am a non combat player) and has stepped down and now works a business.