Are Freeborn libertarians?


So I’ve been thinking about my freeborn character and essentially his philosophy and such. Two of the 5 things about the Brass coast are:

All things can have a price - The Freeborn believe the fairest way to reckon the worth of something is to put a price on it.


They prize freedom and responsibility and disdain arrogance - The Freeborn philosophy is that society is best served when every individual is responsible for themselves and to themselves.

So I was thinking is it fair to call the Freeborn Libertarians? Would it be ok to use a libertarian philosophy for my character? And more specifically what type of libertarian society is utopia for the Freeborn? Is it a nightwatchman state (minarchism) or more of a laissez-faire kind of deal?

This is just for putting my mind at rest and helping formulate an idea of what my character should generally want/believe in so please tell if I’ve got completely the wrong end of the stick.


The free born are all about liberty, whether it is the freedom to express yourself about what you want to anti-slavery. I feel Guerra is the tribe you are want. They are all about speaking out and people not having authority over other people. The free born will follow people because they respect them, not because it is considered that they should. If a dawnish noble walks into the coast and tell you don’t do something, you can just tell them go away. If you really want to, you can ignore the empress, you will probably get into trouble but if you feel it is right, the freeborn will probably have your back.


@IWillGetThingsRong I think this is libertarianism more in the vein of not wanting the government having power over you, given the reference to minarchism. There is not a nation in the Empire who is going to do what some prick from another nation tells them to do just because, but most nations of the Empire aren’t going to have problems with the functions of the state.

As an example, the Brass Coast have been mentioned to have a number of groups who disagree with the concept of paying taxes entirely, because they infringe on their rights as individuals. It’s entirely reasonable to play up a character who wants the Empire’s government to have significantly less power over them, and I’d be surprised if there weren’t a significant number of Freeborn who’d enjoy the concept of a nightwatchman state.

But, as with most things, there’s room to move around in the brief. Not every Freeborn’s idea of utopia is the same- my old character was very much a proponent of using personal power to enforce standards amongst others, rather than using state functions, but she wasn’t opposed to the state as it stands.