Are IC tents physrepping buildings?

My new League Guild, Adelaarsgilde, is hoping to be based in and around a marquee we call the Octo-tent, if we can get the rips repaired. I just wanted to confirm my understanding that the gatherings take place in shanty towns comprised of tents around Anvil rather than the tents that we bring physrepping permanent Anvil buildings. In the latter case we should probably change the name of our marquee to the Octagon or the Octet.

As a general rule… no the IC tents are physrepping IC tents. The few IC buildings are the Forge Tavern, the Senate… uh the Regio (it’s a big circle of glowing magical rocks, it’s not very mobile)…

By all means change the official tent designation to something, make it fancy and impressive… but it’s still a tent.

As I understand it, this is partly for immersion purposes (it’s a tent city phys-repped by a tent city), and partly for backstory reasons; given that any permanent capital would become a cosmopolitan blend of nations* and the directive of the First Empress was to remain distinct and take strength from diversity.

*or another League city


Anvil proper in between events (according to the backstory) consists of the Forge pub and the Senate building, both phys repped by wooden clad buildings with canvas roofs.
The only other items there are the stones which mark the Regio. No other permanent building is allowed at Anvil by order of the First Empress.

So the field of tents is a field of tents!


Thanks both for the confirmation. I thought that was the case but hadn’t come across / remembered the first Empress’ specific directions on the matter. It would also be a waste of real estate to have buildings that were empty for most of the year.

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You’ve already had the answer, but you might want to take a read of the page about Anvil on the wiki, which goes through the permanent structures, the official tents, and the like.


The only tent that is on the IC field but is not Phys-repping a tent is the Hall of Worlds, which is phys-repping a bubble between dimensions that only happens to look like a tent from the inside.