Are you interested in learning more about The Way?

Do you like religion? Do you want to know more?

Head over to this Facebook event for an online event aimed at newer players (with existing priests welcome as long as they stick within the general auspices of the event).

It’s on Saturday 5th June from 4pm, and will be held on Gather Town.

Please direct all enquiries to the link above as I don’t even know what Gather Town is, but I wanted to direct Forum folk as I think it will be of interest to a few of you.


For reference Gather.Town is kind of a cross between Zoom and Stardew Valley, or a Pokemon Game. People have little pixel people that can move around between rooms and areas in rooms. You only get people talking on screen when you’re near them, or in the same area/room. It’s quite clever and lets you wander around between conversations or go into a private corner with someone for a chat.


Also good if you’re interested in learning more about the crime/investigation game. I’m doing a section on Inquisition and we have ones on Clemency and Religious Crimes too.


Let me know more!