Area Enchantments and the Hall of Worlds

So, the Hall of Worlds counts as a confined location for the purposes of area enchantments - they expand to fill all the available space. However, the HoW also has a massive black curtain that can split the whole place in two for Eternal Audiences and whatnot.

So, can a player pull the black curtain across to, for instance, reduce the number of passers-by and gawkers for an Eternal Audience, or can it be done only by PD crew?
Second - if the black curtain is fully pulled across, separating the HoW in two, and someone casts an Area Enchantment, does it affect the entire HoW or only the section it was cast in? If so, does the enchantment then break when someone opens the curtain again?

As I understand it, the curtain is a phy-rep for the wall of the Hall of Worlds. My understanding is that the curtain does not split the HoW, it represents the HoW expanding and contracting (I had thought the space on the other side of the curtain represents a different place). So, Iā€™d imagine that an area enchantment only affects the space up to the curtain whether cast before the curtain appears or after it, and if the curtain is removed after an enchantment is cast then the enchantment would grow to fill the space. However (not being a ref), I also imagine that the way to get an answer on this is to email PD for a rules clarification.

Good question though, for consecrations as well as enchantments, please post what you get back here :).

Got a response back, and SteveC is basically correct.

The curtain is put up by the crew to arrange stuff OC, and as such the accessible part of the HoW is only ever one space.