Armor for the disabled

Hi people,

I am Tickt a 24 year old disabled dutch larper from the Netherlands. I apologize for my bad grammar. Feel free to correct me, since I am trying to improve it. Currently I attend a small LARP. Which goes rather well, I have been playing as a dark mage alchemist, and am having a lot of fun.
But through the events I have encountered a problem which, I hope someone here has some Ideas about. I use a wheelchair to get about, which makes wearing armour a challenge because it limits my movement. And until now I have not found something that might work. As a backup character I am thinking about a warrior medic armed with throwing daggers. Throwing daggers are not a problem. The problem is carrying them with me, because I sit down all the time a belt around the waist is not practical.
My question to you is: Do any of you have an idea or tips for me as to tune up my wheelchair or allow me to carry the throwing daggers with me? :ugeek:

Hmm. We do have a couple of wheelchair users in the game, although I’m not sure if they are regulars on this forum or not.

I am not a wheelchair user so please feel free to ignore my comments. I don’t know what you have already tried and what would work for you. :slight_smile:

I would make some pouches that went over the arms of your chair so all your herbs/potions and weapons are in easy reach. Another idea could be a jacket/waistcoat that has multiple pouches sewn to the front. I think I might find that annoying if I were sat down but it is another idea for you.

Armour: something flexible, like a short chain maille shirt, might be easier to wear than rigid steel or leather. Or build up pieces of harder materials, rather than one big long piece. Perhaps a large gorget ( … 91&bih=912) plus something for your torso? There is probably a technical term for that but I’m not an armour expert!

Good luck, and I hope you find something that suits you.

If weight is an issue you might want to look into the norton armouries polyurethane stuff

For the carrying throwing daggers, here are some ideas from 1 supplier:— … 1-101-104/

Could you tell us more about the rules for armour in your local system? What materials are allowed, for instance? Does it need to cover a specific amount of your body to be valid?

Wow so many reactions in so little time.
many thanks for thinking whit me, it really helps a lot. I place a link to the type of chair that I use.
Since there are so many types and everyone is slightly different it is rather stupid of me not post one at the start of this topic. (even I do not know all the possibility’s let alone u guys.)

The Jacket whit pouches, gorget, and the chainmail shirt are really good, and usefull Idea’s. The bag over the arm handles is not usable because of my chair. It does not have those.
If u put one over the back of the chair, the more roughish types would rob me blind. I give them all right to do so. O would probably do the same.

That is a good question Dre, in the system we use, only the covert part is protected. And if u are hit only the part that is hit is wounded. U can howerver kil someone by hitting hum a couple of times on the legs or arms. Now that I think of it means that I onley have to protect my shoulders, upper back, chest and arms. The wheelchair blocks most other attacks. And since we are not allowed to hit someone on the head that problem solves itself.

We are allowed to use, leather, steel and cloth and latex. As long as it does not look like plastic. The steel cannot not have sharp edges or points that stick out. This due to safety concerns. (most people tend not to like it to really get hurt or lose an eye or something. How lame. :wink: ) and its recommended to apply a latex padding to shield shields.

Do u mean padded armour or Jack Chains Laura? Like A gambeson or something else enforced whit pieces of metal or leather?

The links u placed are really helpful and are giving me Idea’s. Many thanks for your efforts. I really appreciate it. … igida-.jpg

Quick message from Rick who fights from a wheelchair at other games:

“Bandoliers across the chest and also stuff hanging under the chair cushion works real well for holding weapons.
Armour wise I use leathers and layered furs which don’t impinge too much also top half chest plates which leave me able to bend at the middle (needed to push a chair)”

He’s also happy to chat to you direct if you want, drop me a pm and I’ll sort his email for you as his internet access is intermittent atm.

Hi Tickt, I meant this kind of armour: … xQKHaXVCD4

I personally wear aluminium as it cuts down on weight. Steel is much heavier. It will depend on your system as to how much that matters. At Empire I don’t get as many armour points as someone who wears steel.