Armor minimums

Hi. I’m trying to find a compromise between lightly armoured league bravo and, avoiding instant death because I have very few hits. Can anyone advise me on the least amount of armour I can get away with, preferably the kind easy to get on and off as I have issues with my hand.

I’m going to email PD, but does anyone know if a coat of plates (split leather riveted inside a jacket/doublet made specifically for the purpose) would count as full medium armour because it covers the entire torso and arms? Just an idea I’m tossing around. May get one done if it’d count. It could be shown if questioned as the plates would be visible inside the jacket.
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The key part is this:

"Armour protects the wearer by increasing their global hits if it covers the majority of the torso and at least one other location. Valid locations are the head (with a helm), the arms and the legs, or you may cover half of your arms and legs. "

I’m not sure what would be easiest for you to wear, but a helm/helmet of some kind could be easier than doing up straps of greaves, perhaps.

Do you think a cuirass and pauldron would count?

It doesn’t say that shoulders are a valid second location so I would say no, but I would bow to a ref/PD call on this.

Depending on the size, I’d say a pair of pauldrons should squeeze into the ‘Half of the arms’ category (#notaref), meaning you would only need the other half of the arms (Vambraces), Lower legs (Greaves) or upper legs (Cuisse).

If you’re worried about aesthetic, remember that concealed armour is perfectly permissible, so you can be walking around in an arming jack and ignoring impales to the torso (Well, reducing them to the loss of a single hit), if you’ve got a maille shirt under the jack.

Again though, the best advice RE the pauldrons you will ever get on this forum is also the most common. I’d ask a ref :slight_smile:

I just need something because I want to stick to the bit on the wiki about bravos being lightly armoured, plus I want to show off my outfit without having to worry about dying after a few hits.

A cuirass and a pauldron is not, to my mind, enough coverage for hits.

The secret for adding hits easily is a helmet - a low-profile leather or PU one can be worn under a stylish hat without disturbing the line of it, and instantly counts as full armour with your torso also covered.

Another effective method can be vambraces, which often fit quite well under the sleeves of a garment, plus greaves or a hidden bit of mail to cover another half of the limbs.

However, most bravos will wear moderate armour when actually going to battle. Lightly armoured is in comparison to full plate, and it’s also a reminder to not wear full armour around at Anvil.

Were I playing a bravo, I would swagger round anvil in a doublet, maybe with a pauldron for show. But when heading out to battle, I’d add something like a brig, or maybe a mail shirt under my doublet, to tank up some more while still looking fairly stylish.

The key thing about Empire, compared to a lot of other games (e.g. Maelstrom or LT), is that there is very little violence on the main field. Armour that’s sensible for warfare might cover a bit too much of your kit for taste, but you’ll also only be wearing it for perhaps 2-3 hours over the entire weekend - still plenty of time to show off your flash sleeves while you aren’t fighting.

I might see about a breastplate and pauldrons that cover half the arm. Maybe a helm too, I quite like the landschnekt set that’s available, not that I could buy it till after E2.

Armour minimums in general:

Majority of the torso: a breastplate is about enough, but obviously leaves you quite open. A cuirass, brigandine or mail shirt are all better choices for coverage.

At least one other location: arms, legs, or head.

Note that the arms are a location as a pair, and you need to cover essentially all of both arms. Obviously, rule 7 applies here somewhat - most pauldrons only cover the outside half of the upper arm, but you don’t need to also fill in the inner half.

However, you do need to have both the upper and lower half, of both arms, to count as covering the arms.

One of the most common routes to armour is a mail shirt with half sleeves, and a set of vambraces. If you get heavy leather vambraces, this would give you a total of three hits (full medium armour), plus impale resistance on the torso and upper arms, and cleave resistance on the lower arms. The whole thing can be worn under most doublets, without looking too odd.

Ooo gracias. Very useful information

There’s also mage armour if you take the Battlemage skill, which can be made from anything so can be extremely light. Mine’s just fabric on a wire frame, the whole thing weighs about as much as a coathanger.

Unless I skip buying a main gauche I can’t afford armor unfortunately, unless I manage to sell my steel plate. Speaking of which does anyone know who mods the second hand larp kit page on facebook? I need to post about my armor.

Moving a little towards general survivability plus cost effectiveness, a gambeson, some leather over the top and a buckler might work for you. Yes you’re not going to be bouncing arrows and cleaves, but it does make you very very aware of what’s going on around you :slight_smile:. You just need to make sure your tactics work for your setup, a swift set of heels and not being tired from trucking steel plate around the battlefield can work wonders :slight_smile:.

Oh also single big leather pauldron and being all asymmetric is very stylish indeed, which is an important thing to bear in mind as a League bravo :slight_smile:.

Would a leather cuirass and a helm under a beret count as full armour?

Categorically yes, as long as the cuirass covered the majority of your torso.


Great. Thanks.

I reckon some mail sleeves which could be under some fancy material sleeves could work for a Bravo - add suitable cuirass for the whole armour. as a base.

That is gorgeous, I’ve found some leather on darkblade that I’m hoping they will be happy to alter slightly to fit my idea, I’ve found the perfect configuration of the separate items for the armor I want.

Some armourers sell ‘secret’ helmets that are designed to be tight to the head so they can be sewn inside a hat.

The hat in this image contains a steel skullcap that I picked up at TORM a year or two ago. Means I can gain full heavy by putting my hat on with just the body armour when I’m in a hurry: … =3&theater