Armour and Shield with similar properties

I’ve recently been told that armours and shields that both grant 1 rank of endurance do not stack, could someone link me to the part of the rules that says this please to save a list of related questions as I’m sure it will be explained on the wiki… if I could find it… :smiley:

I believe they stack much like Rings of Adversity stack with a Ritual Stave

I’m not aware of anything that states they don’t stack.
When I raised the question on the old FB group I was given the opposite answer: that things stack providing they’re from different sources.

In this case, the armour is a garment magic item, the shield is an accoutrement magic item.

The limitation is that you can be only bonded to 3 magic items:
1 Armament Magic item, 1 garment magic item and 1 accoutrement magic item

And you can only be bound to one banner, one sect and one coven at the same time, so only gain the benefit of one magical banner, one covenstone and one reliquary at one time.

You can also only gain the benefit of one Tonic and one Enchantment at one time.

So as far as I’m aware the following works for a starting character taking two ranks of endurance and shield and who is in a banner group and dedicated or annointed.

2 hits base

  • 4 heavy armour
  • 2 (two ranks of endurance)

+3 Winterborn Warmail. Heavy armour, (Garment):
+1 Pilgrim’s shield, (Accoutrement)
+1 Garrison’s vigilance (Magic standard)
[Can’t find an armament/covenstone/reliquary that gives extra endurance.]

+5 Unbreakable Behemoth’s Strength ritual (Enchantment)
+3 Ironblood Tonic (Tonic)

= 21 hits(!)

(Or if you’re happy to run around under the effects VENOM all the time, replace pilgrim’s shield with Bloodfire periapt and have 23 hits and no deathcount!)

I’m under the impression that they do stack, certainly.

You have five slots:

Clothing / Armour
Weapon / Musical Instrument / Ritual Staff
Shield / Anything Else (accoutrement)

You may have precisely one of each of these: you cannot have two armour magic items and no weapon, for example, it’s got to be one of each. For example, last event I had a magic ring and a magic necklace, I had to remove the one to bond the other.

You may also be under unlimited numbers of curses. If you believe your curse is entirely beneficial, then it is likely that some aspect of your curse has passed you by. :slight_smile:

Traitor’s Fate and Gnawing Endless Hunger is 100% beneficial with no downside

(Or if you’re happy to run around under the effects VENOM all the time, replace pilgrim’s shield with Bloodfire periapt and have 23 hits and no deathcount!)[/quote]

You can always tell when a member of the Courage Assembly is asked for their version of a munchkin solution. :wink:

Always a bit of thought goes a long way. :slight_smile:

I was worried because I didn’t choose much in the way of hits or combat. But then someone pointed out that I can make pretty badass items!

Also I get four extra from my armour, and until it gets shattered my shield has infenate hits on it!!! Even on ‘Strikedown!’ I take the fall but keep the hit points. :slight_smile:

Minor clarification, some potions are tonics and you can only be under the effect of one tonic at once. Any potion that is not a tonic you can be under the effects of the same potion only once, but can be affected by multiple different potions.

Doesn’t impact the endurance calculations since you can only get those from tonics, but drinking a healing potion or using a ritual booster won’t deactivate your tonic effect.

Emailed PD and got official clarification that similar enchantments in different slots do, indeed, stack and I had been misinformed. Although, admittedly to my advantage as I now get to stack my warrior’s plate AND Oakenheart shield. :smiley: