Armour - Can I?

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I’ve gotten into putting my outfit together, and I really want to have a nice set of pauldrons and bracers with my look. There’s just one problem. I’m a mage healer, with no points to spec into battlemage. Am I allowed to still wear the armour for pure aesthetics and not get any stats, or am I just banned from any armour until I get the battlemage perk?

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Interesting. I SUSPECT that with just those items it doesn’t count as a suit of armour (you get no bonus hits), and thus can cast spells while wearing it. Amusingly, depending on the quality/material of the prop, if you get struck on the actual bit of armour by a special call, it may save you anyway…

…you may want to check with a referee on this.

As far as I can remember if you are planning on casting spells in battle, then the only armour you can have is mage armour, and probably shouldn’t confuse things by wearing stuff that cannot be counted, it’s unfair on long distance archers and the refs trying to work out if you’re taking hits or not correctly.

If you plan on only using mechanical healing, Chirurgeon and Physik skills then you can put as much armour on as you like, and save the spell casting for Anvil town. (At a player event I watched someone in full armour race to strip if all off as fast as possible to cast an emergency open portal, while his 3 mates held back the hoards which was absolutely nailbiting!)

Possibly best to get an official answer from Rules@ though for your specific circumstance / character build.

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How do I check with a referee? Is there an email address or something on the website that I missed?

Yup you can find all the PD email addresses here -

And the one you want is

Come back and tell us what they say :).


The relevant rule from the wiki is “You cannot cast spells while wearing armour other than a helmet”. From what I understand a piece of armour is still armour regardless of whether you are wearing enough pieces of armour to gain extra hits, so even if you are just wearing a single metal vambrace it doesn’t seem you can dismiss it as a piece of costume. Therefore it would prevent you from being about to cast spells or rituals. I’m not a referee, however, so its possible I’m interpreting this too strictly.


This is defiantly what’s intended. Otherwise a mage could wear full harness arms and legs without a chest plate and still be considered ‘unarmored’ for the hit points. But be immune to arrows and cleaves.

You can no wear wear armour and cast magic. And you need to have the battle mage skill to wear mage armour. Pauldrons are on the mage armour list. So I would suspect that you would get a no from the refs. As it’s clearly armour.

The whole issue of if you could still wear a wide belt and a head band is more subjective. But you don’t want to advertise something that you can’t do (in this case make it look like you are wearing gear that you rules wise are not)

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