Armour cleaning and bluing - FitzStephen’s Armoury

Have you been watching your armour slowly rust over the lockdown? Spent ages cleaning it? Thought “damn if only I’d bought blued armour to begin with”? Or the bluing has come off?

Fear not! For a nominal fee (see below), you too can have rust resistant armour, and, free of charge, get you’ll the “gets hot” modifier**.

Price is dependant on number of items, and is flexible depending upon batch size.

Due to the chemicals and temperatures involved no organic materials will survive the process.
£10 for chainmail suits that require little to no work to remove organics.
£10 for chainmail suits that require an amount of work to remove organics, but won’t be added back on, and will be returned with the armour.
£15+ for chainmail suits that require work to remove organics, and you’d like them attached back on.
£10 for helms, even if they need the straps taken off and put back on.

** “Gets hot” has no in game effect…


Does it only work on steel? Ive got some ali mail i was going to stain but a professional would be safer :smiley:

Sadly it only works on steel. If I dipped your ali in it quite literally wouldn’t come out in as a solid… sorry

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