Armour padding for ic money?

Hey larpers,

My friend makes wonderful outfits and costumes, she is currently toying with the idea of making shin and forearm padding to go under armour and selling it for IC money.

Before she spends a sum of real money making them i thought I’d gauge interest, would you or anyone you know pay In character money for such items?

Thanks in advance.

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Something simple and padded, with lacing up the back, pairs thereof often sell for £20 or so.

Black, tan or mid-brown would probably be best. I suspect that you’d be able to sell them to Highguard, Dawn the League and the Marches in particular (who all go for a fair bit of plate).

For IC money… not a huge amount… 2 or 3 crowns? Few people buy their costume/armour bits for IC money, so I don’t know what they’d pay for it…

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2 or 3 crowns in my opinion isn’t really a fair price, please don’t sell things for so little, value your work more than that.

I sell “throwns for a throne” (throwing daggers) and most of the brokers I’ve spoken to have said I could even charge more than that if I wanted. I also sell small bits of leather decorative tat for about a crown or so, or leather pouches for about five crowns.

Remember that first of all, you are spending time on each of these things, and time has value. Second of all, there are vendors who make their ooc living selling these kinds of things for real money, so don’t underprice stuff because it essentially ruins things for everyone (including you) if you push the price down too far.

Think about how much time you spend making them, as well as materials, and also the time you spent designing them, and the time you will spend on lugging them around the event trying to flog them. This is all stuff that has a value and should affect the price. The quality of the design, materials and construction is also important.

Remember that most of the things people spend money on at the game are temporary (food and drinks, ic resources, ribbons, rituals, secrets, services), whereas this is an actual item that they can keep forever even if their character dies.


I spent 6 crowns on an IC cystal torch light and was delighted with the bargain. As Astra says, being able to buy resuable items for IC money is brilliant, particularly for me who is IC rich but OC not so much.

I’m not a fighter so not the audience for armour padding. It’d probably be easier to get people to commit to pre-orders if your friend could post pictures. I’d also suggest starting high on the price - you can always negotiate down but negotiating up is very hard!

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My rule of thumb is “it’s worth more IC the more iconically Empire it is” Lightstones are a good example as they are an iconic Empire thing that says You Are In This Specific World. Something with appropriate runes or constellations on, again, is building the world as “Empire” not “Generic Fantasy LARP”.

The best stuff sold IC is either cheap to make and sell, so you get to drive roleplay with a lot of people (i.e. cake) or a conversation piece, so the buyer gets to brag about it. E.g. I had a custom wand sheath made IC. I talk about that because wands are specifically Empire and an absolute bugger to fit in most weapon holders. I also negotiated a “by appointment to the Imperial Inquisitor” discount to get more chance to mention it.

As for pricing, I find Empire has really wierd IC pricing

  • IIRC, a pint of beer is ~£4 at PD’s bar. A Pint is about 5R at an IC pub.
  • The Looking Glass is 6R. Vogue is £3.99.
  • Gems do a throwing dagger for £5. I’d expect to pay about £10 for a small throwing axe or something. And now I hear they can go for a throne IC.
  • Things sell for much more than usual at the Bourse Public Auction, but that’s partly because putting it in that frames it as “Luxury good on sale at one of the most prominent auctions in the Empire”. Auctions are fun, and fun raises an item’s value.

If I was your friend, I’d make a small number of highly decorated bits of padding, and stick them in the Bourse Public Auction as a set or two of high-quality unenchanted Mage Armour. Rather than useful but generic armour padding, it’s something that’s distinctive and shows up as an advertisement for her PC (and her business if she sells these OC too).

If you’re pitching items to PCs with more money than sense, buy into it. If you’re selling a small throwing knife for most of a rich farmer’s disposable income, why is that? Was each one a trophy from the Raid on Dubhtraig? Were they made of the last mithril mined before Sermersuaq fell? Anvil is the place you can sell the IC equivalent of daft stuff like £200 tactical pens and gold-plated mobile phones. So make your stuff gold-plated, build an IC brand, give people that encouragement to claim bling or story.