Armour Questions

Hi there folks.
I currently have some medium leather greaves (3mm), medium leather bracers (3mm) and some light leather shoulder pieces (2mm-3mm ish) for Empire, but I wanna squeeze-out some more hits and CLEAVE protection.
If I bought a chainmail shirt or coif (aluminium or steel) to go along with them, would that add any extra hit points to my character?

So, you’re not currently covering your torso? Get the shirt. You are then eligible for the extra hits from Medium Armour. (3)

If the shirt is steel, you are additionally protected from IMPALE that hits the shirt, and if that shirt has full-length sleeves, you have the extra hits from Heavy Armour (4).


Excellent! Thank you for the advice!

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It’s all explained quite well here:

I would also recommend a helmet. Not only does it really help in giving you extra hits (steel torso covering+metal helm= 4 extra hp), it also OOC protects your head which is always a plus!

As a counter point, Any blows to the head do not count for calls. You cant be cleaved/impaled to the head, so don’t feel you need one.

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Yeah, I don’t know how I’m going phys-rep being impaled through the face. XD

That is a bonus of the helmet… I fought a big lobster thingie last year. It wrapped a claw round my head and I couldn’t see a thing, but eventually it was brought down and I asked the poor monster crew “what damage were you calling with those claws, cos I couldn’t hear a thing…?” “Impale” came the reply… and so, having had his head clamped, I decided to take the impale to the head anyway (rule of cool).

And having been picked up, my excuse was that the helmet was about all that was holding my skull together…

…and I had lobster for dinner.

You could always grab an arrow (position it stuck through your hair or something), and stagger out to the hospital to have it removed… real life cases of this have occurred.