Armour repair class

Next event I am looking at running a short workshop on basic tips and instructions for how to maintain and do basic repairs to metal armour.

My intention is to show anyone who is interested how to do basic tasks like cleaning armour (in various states of rusty/dirty, ranging from basic protective cleaning to ‘oh my god, this is a pile of rust’), looking after and replacing leather straps, checking for damage and some of the simple repairs you can do in the field. Plus showing some of the basic tools you can carry with you to let you do these jobs.

This is not meant to be some masterclass in making armour or doing complex modifications- just some simple things which (I think) every armour wearer could benefit from knowing, especially with the new rules on armour checking coming in.

To make it easy for people to attend, my suggestion is to meet on Friday afternoon of the next event, before time in (and ideally before the mad pre-time in rush), around 3pm in the League camp at the Red Foxes’ tent. Look for a square canvas tent with two red banners, either side of the door.

Do please let me know if you are interested in coming, so I can gauge interest and plan accordingly.

Great idea - I’d suggest mentioning it to Chalkie to get the weapons-check side of things - although 3pm on Friday is prime checking-time.

I’ll be trapped in GOD, and very rarely use metal armour anyway.

I’d be interested, but at this event I’m unlikely to be present at the site in time to attend.

Bumping this as a reminder.

Btw Tim is there anything we should bring along, like cloth, cleaning materials and the like if we have them? Apart from our armour obviously :slight_smile:.

I will bring along a tool kit and supplies, but if anyone else wants to bring along whatever they are using at present for comparison that’d be cool. Apart from anything else, they may have ideas I can steal for my own gear. :slight_smile:

sand and vinegar are a good help for cleaning