Armour torso coverage?

I have a question about coverage levels when it comes to armour, specifically on the requirements for torso coverage.
Does the requirement for torso coverage mean that the back must be covered, as well as the chest and abdomen region? Or would a chest plate be all that is required to fit the rules requirements (alongside the appropriate arm/leg/head coverage)?

A good breastplate has generally been considered fine - it’s what we issue for monsters, after all. Make sure it covers all of your front, to a first approximation - obviously gaps to move neck and arms and so on are fine, but it should clearly be covering you against attacks from in front.

A plackart or pectoral or suchlike, which is covering not all of the front, would be too little.

And of course, remember that if you have just front armour, and someone hits you in the back, you take the full effect of the call. I know at least one character who died because his lovely breastplate didn’t cover his back, and he got cleaved while retreating.

(Personal view, email for cast iron rulings)

Thanks for the reply!
I had e-mailed a couple of weeks back, but haven’t heard back.

I plan to eventually cover the back as well, but its nice to know its not a priority. Helps me spread the costs.

Quoting from … our#Armour
“Armour protects the wearer by increasing their global hits if it covers the majority of the torso and at least one other location. Valid locations are the head (with a helm), the arms and the legs, or you may cover half of your arms and legs.”

Personally I would take that “majority” word to mean that a breastplate is sufficient if it comes round the sides enough to cover just more than half of the whole torso.

I suppose it’s ambiguous on whether it means
“…majority of the torso and majority of at least one other location,” or
“…majority of the torso and all of at least one other location.”
(I guess it means majority both times though: otherwise a helm would have to be closed-face, arm armour would have to include full gauntlets and inside of elbow, legs would need back-of-knee and sabatons…)