Arrow quetions

I’ve got some lovely LARP arrows I use in a different game but not sure if they will pass PD checks. They’re gorgeous and very well made but it looks like the foam padding in front of the rubber layer is closer to 2cm then 2.5cm, but it’s hard to measure as it’s under the coating.
Are they likely to pass checks? I can’t really afford to buy another batch of arrows so might have to reconsider my archery plans if they aren’t usable.

Pics here;

Recommendations for affordable PD-friendly arrow suppliers also appreciated :smiley:

As with all such questions, no one on the forums can tell you definitively. Bring them to an event and take them to weapons check.

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I reckoned that was probably the case, but a rough idea of if they’re likely to pass/fail would be handy.

They look like the arrows I’ve seen so you should definitely give it a go and get them checked by a person in the field

It could be worth emailing PD using the rules@ address.
Obviously weapons-checkers can’t pass an arrow based on a photo (they need to handle it), but they might be able to tell you if it’ll definitely fail.

Let’s see though: the requirements are at
That says the front soft foam should be at least 50mm wide (preferably 55mm) and must have at least a 20mm thickness where it is at least 50mm wide.

Yours seems to be 50mm wide and 17-18mm thick, but because the front edge is rounded off a bit, it only has about a 12mm thickness where it’s the full 50mm wide.

Then the stiffer foam in the next layer back needs to be at least 25mm thick. From the picture it looks like only 21mm.

I can’t tell from the picture whether it has the full-width “thick rubber or leather” layer, but you could check by feeling for it.

I AM NOT A WEAPONS CHECKER but it looks to me as if it doesn’t quite meet the specification on the wiki page. I recommend you email PD anyway, though.