Arrows and archery help

Anyone know if there’s a cheap way of getting arrows. I’d quite like to at some point invest in becoming an archer. But everything I look at to do with archery is sooo expensive because of the arrows. Anyone found a work around?

Is it still true that at PD you can get by with just a bow and a couple of arrows, because you can check arrows and then fire them back? I seem to remember their risk analysis put “arrows on the ground” as quite high risk and boring, and therefore incentivise picking them up and field checking them.

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You can indeed fire others’ arrows as long as you know how to check them for safety.

However, arrows do mean it isn’t a cheap game and I expect to lose at least one per event to loss or breakage.

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You can start doing Archery with 5-10 arrows and then if you’re fighting anyone other than Jotun you’ll be able to fire back monster arrows as well. Places like In Your Dreams FX, Quiverstock and Having a LARP are all names I see mentioned as good places to buy arrows. The only work around I’m aware of is to club together with some other archers and buy in bulk, but I don’t think that drops the cost by much.

Otherwise just budget to gradually build up you stock of arrows and take into account 1-2 arrows getting broken an event. It’s a cost just like travel, food and the cost of the event.

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