Artefact and rare items

just wanted to know if there were items out there that are of the old history of the empire and what types they could be. just to be clear this is not items that can be made but items that were found in things like skirmishes.

just wanted to know. thanks

I think this is something you might need to find out at a game. There are certainly items around that have had True Liao or Illium used on them to make their magic last centuries. Some are beneficial, others are distinctly not. Every one of them has a story behind it.

It’s unlikely you’d just come across one on a skirmish. You’d probably be on the skirmish specifically to retrieve it (i.e. “Go get the cursed shield of Bert, so we can destroy it before the barbarians get it”).


There certainly are items in-game that are of historical relevance or importance, yes.


This is correct, artefacts are a specific thing and can be crafted in game. Normally a crafted magical item lasts a year from when its made (4 games i think), a crafted artefact lasts “forever”.

Hope the wiki link below helps on the crafting side.

There are also some old mundane items too. I only know of one (our drum) but they will have a ribbon with an item number saying what it is.

There are a few interesting historical mundane things, aye. I’ve picked up a couple.

I mean I did once go on a quest to get one specific thing, and came across some sort of artefacts that we were not expecting at all, I mean they are utterly horrific but permanent and cool.

So on the basis that the wiki is fair game The Equine Rod is an example of an artefact, the symbol of the field Marshal, lost during the reign of Emperor Hugh, recovered by Dawn in a quest from Barien as the result of the quest to return Spiral Castle.


And likewise some of the artefacts in the wiki entry on the Pilgrim’s Shield have shown up in game or people have information about where they might be.