Artifacts, how do they work?

I’ve been looking into making an artisan, and although I know I won’t be able to make any right away, I’ve become interested in the creation of artifacts.
However unlike other magical items I can seem to find any articles on specific artifacts and their rules.
Is there something I’m missing, if so you’d be a real help pointing me in the right direction.

They are essentially the same, apart from the fact that artefacts are permanent. The differrence is the Illium thats added to the cost, its explained on the wiki.

As @Sekinok-Jal says, an artefact is basically any of the normal magical items that has been made permanent using ilium You need as much ilium as the number of resources it takes to make the item normally.

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I assume that’s the illium as well as the normal materials

Yep, you have to have the materials as well, and use the ilium at the time the item is crafted, not after.

This page gives more actual info on it (should have linked this one first really!)

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If you’re interested in unique items (maybe what you mean by specific artefacts) then this may be of interest


Thanks for the links lads, I’m at work so not able to help as muh as I’d want to

Not a lad, but no problem.


What I know of the few artefacts I’ve encountered are that their roleplaying effects are always entertaining :smiley:.

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Yup every Artifact has a roleplaying effect too