Artisan non combat creations

Hello all, I’ve read as much as I can find on the wiki and in the forum but I can’t find many craftable items that are not for warriors or mages (I did find unbonding shears). I would love to be able to make something for a politician, or a priest, or a child or an artisan or anything really that isn’t combat related. Is there a list of craftable items?

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This page has the master list of magic items, loads for all sorts of people except maybe kids, though im not sure what would be a good kids item tbh :slight_smile:

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Children carry the most dangerous and powerful items of all.

Used carelessly, they can cause poverty, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, indigestion, and rapid weight gain, as well as a slew of other negative status effects including instant choking, potentially to death.

These commonly go by the name of “muffins”.

There is a reason why we sometimes send children to fight monsters in Varushka. They are scarier.


@Noserenda has the best link there. Scroll down and look at the right hand side. Icons and Musical Instruments, Vestments and Regalia are for priests, but there are also a few things for artisans.

Something to remember is that magical items can only affect character skills (the sorts of things you buy with XP). There’s nothing in there that can affect someone’s ability to speak well in public, because that’s a hard skill that the player has. There will be something that can affect a priest’s efficiency at Exorcising, because that’s a skill that the character has bought through XP.


Tools, Regilia and Reliquaries are what you want there. Yes, most of the magic items are geared towrds warfare, then magic.

Alas, many of the small useful ulitarian magics are below the abstraction layer. Except for lockboxes and glowstones.

Something you might be interested in is the Hallow skill this lets you add auras to any object, including crafted items. This gives roleplaying effects to people carrying those items such as

All the virtues have their own list of auras you can add to things and they’re all entertaining :slight_smile: .

As mentioned above Priests have a bunch of things you can make for them like Icons (e.g Icon of the Pilgrim), Vestments (e.g Alabaster Cerement) and Regalia (e.g. Fireglass).

One item which is hilarious and tragically not often made is a Shackle of the Unvirtuous and I think people should make more use of it :smiley:.



adds to To Do list


It’s probably also worth pointing out that the Mage items include items for ritualists are mostly used outside of combat many robes, ritual staves, Paraphernalia are probably more aimed at anvil than through the gate action.