Artisan Rping an item they havent got

Hi guys, picked the artisan skill and have picked three items and then left the master slot free to see what people want. I was wondering as one of the items I want to make is a robe but I don’t own a robe oc, how would I rp this in game?

@Nuttynate You’ll need a physrep for the ribbon to be tied to. You’ll have to get a robe or something similar, even if it’s a cheap one.

Though with a robe you could go for something very simple, a rolled up piece of material tied with a piece of string would be more than enough. Alternatively the common solution for not having the correct phys rep is having what looks like a bag or sack and roleplaying that the item is inside.


An item technically doesn’t exist unless it has a physrep. I’d hit a charity shop and find something that looks IC enough. You keep the physrep if/when you sell/give the item l to someone else.

You could also make a parcel that could conceivably have the robe inside; I did a chain mail shirt as a bag of soil inside a cloth bag once, that worked pretty well.

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Thanks for your help guys, sounds great :smiley:

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It depends how you are planning to operate - if you take commissions or craft for people within your group, they will supply the phys-rep and get the ribbon from you at the beginning of the event. If you are planning to craft them beforehand and sell them at the event, then it is good form to attach a phys-rep (though I have seen ribbons sold without one).

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A hessian sack weighed down with literaly anything is a physrep for any item you might make (well maybe not a pole arm) and could solve your situation. Just say the item is in the bag. Give them the bag with the ribbon in it. And ask for the bag back when they are done transferring the ribbon (or IC done with the packaging)

In field this seems to be one of the rules that are let slide a lot as artisans shouldn’t be expected to pay a real world cost for every magic item they make and sell.


My battlefield looting bag is just a big sack with that event’s dirty laundry in it… i mean swords and armours and potions oh my.