Artisan/Trade Game


Morning all

This event last gone was my first and looking for a little advice.

I struggles slightly to get into the Artisan and Trade game, some of this will have to go with only being able to turn up from the Saturday on.

Is there any general advice of places in game to go and general people to talk to for next event that would help me get involved in these aspects of the game?

Thank you all


Quick question, what nation are you in as this will inform our answers :).

Ignore me, you’re in Highguard arent you :). Then wandering round and asking after the benefactors of Highguard in each chapter should help as they’re the traders in the nation.


I’m a trader and my advice would be to set yourself, short, medium and long term goals.

My characters long term goal (buying a permanent magic item) was achieved quicker than I thought because I was able to talk about it during trade deals.

My short term goals give me a reason to go out and trade on a constant basis and keep my game ticking over.

I’ve had a lot more success this way because I feel I have purpose to my game rather than just trading for trade sake


Just out of curiosity, what was the item? I ask because if it took 10 illium (the minimum)to make then I could see why that took less time to get then a 52 illium monster. But if a 52 illium item was a shorter goal then that may be good info for a new player


I got a permanent bond ring but the item it’s self was irrelevant. I just wanted to own a permanent magic item and that was the first opportunity I got and took it with both hands.

Short terms goals I have is collecting rarer items, so realm specific mana, bite, certain potions that are harder to get etc
I just like to go to events with 2/3 things I want to try and get hold of, even if it’s just trade one resource for another as this gives me direction for trading.

Some people are different for sure as they look for prosperous opportunities but I like having a reason to walk around camps as it helps give me confidence when talking to new contacts and groups

I also find that having a specific goal will help you be remembered by other players rather as they associate certain items, resources with you which helps you get game.

I have several people now come to see me when they get hold of magic items to sell as they know that’s what I’m looking for specifically rather than just being an all round trader.

That’s just my take on trade though and it’s more about finding what your own enjoyment comes from


My group had a dream of getting a artefact mercenary banner at one point, but getting the illium was bankrupting us.


My new character is starting a weapon/magic item rental service…hopefully this will allow the players who can’t go to every event he chance to use some of the more expensive items for a weekend at a time


Thanks, is there an easy way to find them? Do they have a council at any point, or is it just wandering around trying to find them?


What type of resource did you take to get yourself going?


You may be an interesting in character person for me to come and find to flog magic items I make to.


The usually have a meeting Saturday morning while the battle is on, but otherwise they’re pretty easy to find just ask in each chapter for their benefactors.


My benefactors do tend to complain about the timing of said meeting, as they like to also take the battlefield. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a business as I run my trade game as an Ic business so makes sense really.

Come find me next year and we can chat about things if you’d like


Generally if you visit any chapter and say “can I speak to your benefactor?” you’re going in the right direction.