++Ask The Constitutional Court++

This weekend we thought we’d try something a little different to really get into the spirit of things, so some of the members of the game team who play characters on the constitutional court are going to put our costumes on and do a Constitutional Court AMA session in-character!

The Constitutional Court (https://bit.ly/2Ee3Kfd) provides scrutiny of any motions passed by the Imperial Senate to ensure that they are compatible with the Imperial Constitution. In practice the court is there to keep the game balanced, playable and fun as Empire develops so the reality is that it’s IC window-dressing for an important OOC game function (https://bit.ly/2ORDJ7v).

But all of us very much enjoy the limited opportunities we get to get out in costume and roleplay with people - so we thought this would be a great way to do something an AMA with the game team that both had a clear focus and was a bit different this time.

So if your character has ever had any kind of question for any member of the constitutional court, then join us on our twitch channel. We’ll prioritize in-character questions from people who leave their character name where we can and we’ll try and stay in-character as far as we can when we respond!

If you want to email any questions in before the session, feel free to send them to matt@profounddecisions.co.uk.

We’ll be on Twitch at 1pm on Saturday 25th, and the video will almost certainly be available after Raff has had time to edit it properly.

(Photo from Paul Wilder)

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We’ve just finished our Constitutional Court Twitch streams and they seem to have gone reasonably well. Thanks to everyone who contributed questions, or took part in the chat.

You can see the videos here for the time being: https://www.twitch.tv/profounddecisions/videos and they should also be appearing on the Profound Decisions YouTube channel in the next day or so once I’ve edited them properly.

Cheers all.



Last weekend, Matthew, Graeme, and Raff did a two-and-a-bit hour Twitch stream talking about the Constitution and answering your questions. We’ve just uploaded two videos to our YouTube channel.

The first part is an in-character chat with three members of the Court answering in-character questions in in-character accents. You can find it here:

The second part is an out-of-character chat in which we answer some of the questions we struggled to do in-character, as well as taking a few extra questions from the Twitch chat. You can find that video here:

We’ll now be quiet about the Constitutional Court for a bit, not least because I’ve run out of Constitution-themed titles.

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