++Ask Us Anything++

As part of our not-in-a-field weekend, Clare Evans, Matthew Pennington, and Andy Raff are going to try and do an ask-us-anything session on Twitch, hosted by Mark Wilkin who has spent a lot of character points on communication-technology skills…

We’re starting at two (assuming the technology works) and going on until we stop. Why not pop by and either ask us questions or take the opportunity to nosey at our homes through the limited lens of the webcam?

Link is here: https://www.twitch.tv/profounddecisions/

There’s nothing on it at the moment, but there will be later. Hopefully.

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Did it happen? Can you put up the video? Preferably on YouTube please.

It did happen, but unfortunately, as they mentioned on their facebook page, the recording failed, so there is no record of it.