XD sounds cool. My character probably won’t stumble along the main plot either unless it’s to get an interview or a quote. I wonder what the easiest and quickest ways there are to get in the main plot?

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I suppose you could try and assassinate somebody, or pull a Land Without Tears trick and declare a new religion

I think assassinating someone is not such a good idea. It would make your character known but it is unlikely that they will last very long. You also would have shut down someone else’s game which may have one day given you more.

Day magic is a good way to find bits of plot. Politics can help get you into things as well. Talking to heralds and eternals may get you somewhere.

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Okay, thanks. Assassination is generally not a good idea, you’re right. Although I guess if it was done properly, it might be a plot in itself… there’d be the planning, the killing and the subsequent investigation. Who did it? How? Why?

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Cluedo all over again

Just to add, it’s best not to think of “main plot”. There are lots of different “plots” going on all across the game, some introduced by PD, some which the players come up with by themselves. The best thing is to keep your ear to the ground and read through the Winds when they come out, see what interests you and then go and poke someone on the field who is likely related to it (for example, a Senator if it’s about a certain area of the Empire, a certain coven or Archmage if it’s about magic, etc.).

As @IWillGetThingsRong says, assassins often don’t last very long, especially when there are certain rituals where you can speak to the spirit of the person who has been killed…


So, hypothetically speaking, not saying I would, how might somebody go about assassinating somebody else? Even if they had no armour or potions, it’d take you a good forty seconds to execute them, during which time they can scream for help.

Here’s how I would do it personally XD…

Take a small team, three to five people, hoping to assassinate somebody. Find a quiet spot in Anvil and have somebody attack them in surprise with a melee or thrown weapon, proceeding to get them down to 0 HP. While requesting help, the rest of the team, disguised as Imperial Guards, pretend to heal the victim, taking them out of the scene to a predestined “holding location” where they are promptly executed. The body is then held there for as long as possible to prevent the spell “Give Voice to the Dead” being used on them, allowing everybody to flee. In case a more powerful ritual is used, everybody would where veils or disguises as befits some nations. When the job is done you get rid of the Imperial Militia Uniforms, take off your disguises, and go back to doing things as normal. Finally, everybody should have a good alibi for the hour or two it takes to do and arrange all this.

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I think there are a few problems with this. The kinds of people you would want to assassinate would probably be with other people. They are likely to be quite important and so people will probably always be interested in their time. If you do get them into said location, you need to stop them from running. If anyone sees the group with you as you do this, they will not believe the group when they say they are the militia. You would get questions about why you are moving them. People could just heal them on the spot and it is illegal to lock someone up, you can only escort people to things. Also you need to know you can trust everyone.

Now we are getting off topic so be prepared for a Mod to suddenly cut this and put it in a new article.

Oh yeah, true XD. What about something even more elaborate? If it was a Senator, for example, you could make it so that you’re group comes to surround them without raising suspicions. Like if somebody pretended to be a business representative then they could get the Senator talking without raising suspicions, perhaps over a fake “private” deal. Then they’d quickly kill them so they were unable to move, although the problem of somebody healing them is still there. Perhaps if you staged it so that one of your crew pretended to be a doctor who rushed in from the crowd? Or even… you could try and give them a “healing potion” which is in fact poison. They’d die before anyone noticed XD

Wow, this is complicated. I guess there could be a whole Assassins’ guild for all we know that does this stuff, but nobody knows about em because they’re good at what they do. Sounds like a play for Empire

All that sounds great.
But then when they don’t come back for dinner, someone casts Whispers through the Black gate, and talks to the dead person. Full descriptions of everyone present will be passed around. If you are heavily disguised, you wouldn’t be luring a senator away unguarded.
The ways you have described are basic honey-traps, just using an attractive deal instead of an attractive person.

Poisoning is HARD. - Basically, you need to brew the potion, then walk from GOD to your Target (Bad luck if they are in Dawn or Wintermark), Do your social engineering, poison the person, and make a clean exit… all within 15 mins.
To be fair to the Refs, they are pretty good about staying out of the way until things have happened - It’s not unknown for people to Meta if there is a bumblebee hovering nearby.

All that being said, if you can get away with it - Props to you. It might be fun to have a try, knowing that you will be executed when you get caught, but in reality it’s only worth the risk if the target has political influence.

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Assassination isn’t a cause of plot, assassination is a desperate resolution to PC-driven plot. Desperate because there are plenty of ways (Curses, revocation, plain old mundane scheming, Declaration of Sorcery) to legally ruin a PC’s plans in ways that don’t put you in the Militia’s sights. PD want murder to be hard because murder is really boring. It ends stories, rather than wringing more tragedy or revenge out a defeated adversary.

Since a murderer needs to remain unknown to get away with it, it won’t get you involved in schemes. It’ll get you coming up with alibis and excuses for remaining nowhere near that political issue!

There was an old assassins’ guild, my old PC was involved in the bust that broke it up. They were nowhere near as overcomplex. Kudos to them for both running out of a dodgy pub and keeping a big black death ledger as customer blackmail material/to make it possible to unearth them.

So you want to get involved in a hot issue you read about in Winds of Whatever, about half of which are PC driven anyway? OK! Make a loud stand, nail your colours to the mast, and start knocking out Conclave Declarations, Pamphlets and Synod Judgements telling people they’re completely wrong or absolutely bang on. That way people know who you are, where to find you, and that you either want a conflict or want to back them.


My plan is much more Collateral Prone, just to cover the actual target and muddy the motive.

One, Twilight masquerade as a disguise.
Two, Dress as lower standing of a different nation (maybe dawnish yeofolk)
Three, Talk to the Bumble bee in GOD about your plan so they know the details. They will act accordingly.
Four, Make as many different poisons of different types maybe including gut wrench to muddy the diognosis.
EDIT Bring friends to willingly drink Gutwrench and also provide alibi due to gut wrench not being “spike-able”
Five. Serve Wine or Beer at a suitably fancy public event where you could be seen as “background”. Even state “Offered with compliments of House/Guild/Hall/Eternal” ect to stir the pot.
Six. When your doses are given out (The deadly poisons have a 15min timer on them)/screaming begins casually walk away, throw a prepared cloak over your shoulders, find a corner and ditch your top layer to reveal something else, High Guard, Freeborn or League for preference due to the existence of hearth magic face coverings.
Seven: Find a bar, sit in the corner and get sloshed/high on goose whisper and be noticeable, Join a bar crawl or something. (Don’t leave IC until Time Out to give a sporting chance of capture. That is what makes it fun)
Eight: Profit. Your antics have disrupted something sufficiently to allow you to profit in some way. The bourse just lost 3 holders, 5 senators are out of it, Is that a dead Cardinal?

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You can’t sneaky poison people with gutwrench. You can hand them a bottle of Gutwrench marked TOTALLY PEAR BRANDY HONEST GUV, but it’s a standard potion and instantly recognisable as such before swallowing. The deadly poisons are the only ones you can spike drinks with.


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Hmm… that’s a nifty plan there. Could work. Maybe we should see who can come up with the best, and most complicated assassination plan (hypothetically of course XD) that might actually be possible to pull off without getting caught. A plan so intricate it wouldn’t take away from the story line but might add to it instead, ideally.

What about this. So there’s, say, a Senator chump going about their dandy day who needs a’removin’ for whatever reason. Perhaps a way to avoid all suspicion would be to have doubt thrown upon them, so that your associates, disguised as guards, would be able to do the killing perfectly legally in appearance before scarpering off. So you’d need to research the Senator. Let’s say that this Senator has ancestry from a foreign land, so you could work with that. While using one of your disguised crew members to get them talking in a bar or ball, get them to slip a dangerous, foreign-looking weapon along with some pre-written notes into their bag without them noticing. Or even try to trade it to them and pass them off as something else. Then, while walking through the streets of Anvil where the associates are handily positioned, one of the “guards” asks to search the Senator’s bags as a result of a “tip off to the militia”, beginning to throw suspicion on the Senator who would immediately deny it. The bags are searched and the suspicious spy whatnot is discovered. Somebody spreads the narrative that the Senator has a dangerous weapon, and one of the guards attempts to kill them in “self defence”. Another associate rushes out of the nearby crowds with a “potion of healing,” which is of course poison. The Senator dies before realises they are not healed after all. The “guards” move off in chase of the poisoner, effectively allowing them to leave the scene, change their attire, hopefully involving face veils, and sink away into the crowd. Nobody has any idea what just happened while they run off to a quiet glade somewhere and laugh maniacally. I know it’s suspicious but what’s the point of assassination without an evil laugh at the end? That’s half the fun XD.

I have heard of a curse that can cause some one to be emotional unrestrained (Curse of unfettered mind?) (It was an effect of one of the eternals this event one urizni characters), Curse them then goad them into attacking you. Then plead self defence.