Assembling the Squad


I was just wondering… in theory there should be a bunch of characters that are at the top of their game in their various fields on the field at any one time, be they warriors, ritualists or priests, who aren’t tied up in politics or some other RP. What if the Imperial Senate, or some other interested organisation, decided to collect all these characters and turn them into an elite team that would be semi-autonomous. The Throne could send them wherever she so chose to deal with all manner of situations, whether that means pushing a battle in the Empire’s favour or giving a ritual an edge. And, yes, I have watched Avengers Endgame this week, which might or might not have given me the idea…

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The problem with that is that a lot of interesting game is then being given to one small group of people - in a larp of well over 2000 players, that would be preventing a lot of people from getting involved. Not to mention the issues surrounding people actually being available. When people are at the “top of their game in their various fields”, they tend to also have a lot of other stuff going on!

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Well you can have a banner that allows your group to fight with other nations, even if it isn’t their turn to fight. You also have an item that allows you to participate in other people’s rituals, even if you aren’t part of their coven. The thing is, how would you decided who is the best. There are so many people in the field who will be good at something that it would be impossible to choose. It also wouldn’t make much sense for anything other than magic rituals really.


That’s true, hmm… what about we did the same thing, but instead of old players we take a bunch of fresh faces on their second or third events? They would become stronger together and there would be several of these squads, like special units in a fight or magical teams. Some might specialise


This is unlikely to work for the simple reason that the game is designed so that even characters at the top of their respective game are not that massively more powerful than starting characters. Even if you had a troop of specialised characters levelling together, by the time they’d been playing for 4 years they’d be 16pt characters, which doesn’t make nearly as much difference as you’d think.

Realistically each player group is probably already doing this, you get groups that take the field together and have a particular identity, a group of heavy mercenaries or a a troupe of battle support mages for example. A well organised group can get well known and develop a reputation that means they’re the go to squad for specific situations, but mostly this will apply to covens. The idea of an Avengers style special forces squad simply isn’t feasible at Empire.

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Teamwork within a speciality is also more powerful than a single powerhouse.

Better to take the whole Highguard Exorcism squad than the best one from each nation. Better to take the whole of an Imp Orc Warband, experienced at working together and co-ordinating their strengths, than the best 1 fighter from each nation (never mind about deciding that one…)

The closest I can think of is the Hunters Hall, I think, which is a player led group of “big game hunters”. Which in this game is things like Drakes and Marshwalkers… They comprise different groups from multiple nations, but each group has the same overall skillset and ambition to kill big things. So in theory, you could grab any dozen from the Hunters Hall and assemble a good monster-killing squad from them…

I was on a skirmish a little like this last weekend. Squishing the Nibbler of Hope (it was a leftover from the Eater of Hope): A team was assembled and it was mainly of Dawnish knights. This might seem like picking your “best of” team, but the point is that while they were all (very) good, none of them were the absolute best. They were (a) available, (b) known to the commander, and © used to working together, as they all had the same nation (Dawn), the same combat plan (charge), and similar skillsets.

There are teams of players, built to maximise their strengths, well-equipped, respected by their peers and handed problems to solve. They comprise many of the groups on the field :slight_smile:

Don’t try to build the Avengers. Look to hire the A-team. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Firstly define ‘top of their game’
Secondly I defy you to find a bunch of people who are on ‘top of their game’ who are not already ferociously busy.
Thirdly, Empire is focused around cooperation, even the greatest Ritualist on the field pales on what he can do before a fairly average coven, for example.

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Yah, true that. Still, it would be cool. What about a backstory thing. Let’s say there was a group of warriors and battle mages who share backstory links and all have the same symbol on their clothing somewhere, or whatever it is. When the mystical horn of whatnot is sounded on the field, this wannabe group assembles for some battle field fun.
Probably not something for the Senate, but if you are going with your friends and you want to be united in some way while still pursuing your own things then that could work. It’d also be really cool. “Oh no, the barbarian army is charging me,” says Reginald, “time to blow the horn.”


It’s been done, Urizen had a group of extremely effective (and colour coded) sentinels for a while, each of whom associated with a particular constellation.

The horn idea would be a bit redundant though. If this hypothetical group is all the same nation, they’re already probably fighting in close proximity to each other. If they’re not all of the same nation then they won’t necessarily all be on the same battlefield, and even if they were a bunch of people breaking formation to run over to their mates battle line would actually do more harm than good.


Also to add, there is no ability to work together cross-nation with ritual magic, not even with a magical item.


Ah, okay, I thought there was, thank you for the information.

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Priests can work along Virtue lines but they are basically the only exception to the rule that in general organisations run along national lines. Soldalitys (the fancy term for cross national organisations are fairly few and far between, The Imperial Offices, The Anvil Field Hospital, The Three Refrains, etc.