Assembly and Conclave Order Sizes

Where can you find the size of each Virtue Assembly and each Conclave Order? I know there’s info in the wiki on it, but I can’t seem to find the reports with those numbers?

If you go to ‘Recent History’ at the left-hand side bar on the wiki, for each event you can find a page called ‘Synod Judgements’ and ‘Conclave Sessions’. These give a summary of each assembly’s voting strength and the membership of each conclave order!

This is the latest Conclave Session write up, from the Autumn Equinox, which puts the Rod and Shield as the largest order and the poor Celestial Arch as the smallest.

This is the Summer Synod judgements page, because the Autumn one doesn’t have assembly strengths written up yet. This one gives you strengths for both the national and virtue assemblies! However, it’s important to note that in the synod, it’s not 1 vote = 1 person. Every priest starts out with (iirc) 5 votes and you earn more depending on certain Imperial positions you might hold and how much you’ve upgraded your Congregation resource. This means that an assembly with higher voting power might not necesarilly have more members.

I’m afraid I don’t know whether these numbers are calculated based on players attending that particular event or if they’re calculated on however many characters in the system total are registered to whichever assembly and order.


It’s 10 as standard - please bear in mind that at Summer last year people were still feeling the effects of the Grey Pilgrims, so the base was more like 8 (or 6 for some nations).

We don’t currently publish the actual size of any Assembly, just the voting strengths. We do hold data on the starting position for each event - this gets posted on the wall of the Hub.

Conclave: booked for/attended at the end of the previous event.

Synod: booked for the event, but adjusted for gate bookings and the like by the end of the event.


By the way if you want to see the names of all the characters in each order (who are attending that event) then I place them on the Conclave board in the Hub at the start of every event…

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