Auctions around anvil

Hello all,
Just wondering if and where there are any auctions outside of the main ones at the senate hall? I’m thinking more of Auctions that don’t just auction resources but things people have made, is this a thing?

Yes, definitely - there’s an auction house in the Brass Coast, and theoretically anyone can set up an impromptu auction.

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The public Bourse auction doesn’t just include resources. Anyone can put something in the auction, and (provided it isn’t something dodgy/illegal) it can be anything.


You also sometimes get Winds of Fortune like this,_steal,_or_borrow

Where people come to the field to sell goods, but you would need to keep and eye out for them or track them down.


when is the brass coast auction?

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I think Saturday afternoon - probably a good idea to find the Del’Toro family on the field and ask them.

In fact, generally speaking, asking around is a good way to find out about various interesting sales, including those referenced by Mark above.