Just continuing to get my head around auras and the suchlike.

From other threads - souls can have multiple testimonies, soul marks can be removed with an exorcism of equal or greater strength.

Reading the text of each religious skill, some of them mention situations involving multiple effects, some don’t. On that basis the implication is:

A character can be under the effects of MULTIPLE anointings, irregardless of each anointing’s strength. Anointings can be removed by an Exorcism of equal or greater strength.

An area can be under the effect of ONE consecration, Stronger consecrations replace weaker consecrations, or one can be removed by an exorcism of equal or greater strength.

An item can bear ONE Hallowing, Stronger hallows replace weaker ones, or one can be removed by an exorcism of equal or greater strength.

Exorcism is always targeted at ONE specific thing, so that’s good and clear-cut.

have I got this right?

I believe that anointings are not stackable - if you have an anointing, you cannot have any other anointings. You can put a new anointing on someone by either 1) exorcising the existing anointing, or 2) making the new anointing bigger.

It’s basically hallow, for souls not items.

However, I might be wrong on that - you’ve probably read the priest skills more recently than me. says “Any ceremonial roleplaying effect can be replaced by another effect of the same type of higher strength”, so the mention of “replacing” seems to imply that you can only have one Anointing effect on a soul / one Consecration effect on an area / one Hallowing effect on an item at a time.

But that’s an implication from that page - I’m not sure anything explicitly says “you can only have one Anointing on you at once”.

(Then again, neither nor mention that you can have multiple Testimonies at once - it’s just implied by there being nothing about replacement like there are for the roleplaying effect ones. Also by it having come up in play before, admittedly. :slight_smile: )

As others have said, this question boils down to:

“do anointing behave like testimonies or like hallows/consecrations?”

it’s because the “Stronger…may be replaced…” sentence isn’t there for the Anointings rule that the ambiguity creeps in; Anointing should either have that sentence, or a different one that says "it is possible for a character to be under the ffects of more than one anointing, each is treated as a separate effect for the purposes of exorcism.

I suspect anointings do follow the “ONE only, replaced by equal or stronger” rule - but it isn’t explicitly clear in the rules yet.

Then again an argument can be made in the opposite direction - souls are more able to contain multiplicity than objects/areas - hence multiple testimonies; therefore also capable of multiple anointments.

In general, there’s a lot of issues with the current priest skill pages. Fixing them is on my todo list, but is vaguely on hold at the moment because they might change a bit at some point soon anyway.

I’ll look into getting this one clarified and corrected, though.