Autumn Equinox Froth Thread

So how was that event for you?

My list is scattershot but I came out of the event with a definite high, so this is the good stuff I can remember:

[ul]]My group Felix’s Watch for being consistently amazing, I couldn’t do what I do in the game without that safe home base and the knowledge that they have my back.
Olwen for some excellent ballgowning along with Emily who plays her sister, as you can’t have an inappropriate romance without people disapproving and making trouble :slight_smile:. Likewise for Rebecca being awesome with Tilly./
]The Watch coming together on the battlefield as a unit and it all working. Kudos to them and Morgan especially for excellent tactical control.
Not to mention running around with 9 Shatters and enchanted armour giving me 9 hits. \o/ It was all rather exciting. I owe my chapter and the youngest of benefactor in Highguard big for that :slight_smile:./
]Also saving an ally’s life without realising by leading a charge into some orcs. /:m]
]Monstering the battle with the War Rhino was fun, it got a huge cheer from the monster crew as it walked onto the field :slight_smile:./:m]
]Conversation with Cardinal Jared where a bystander got preached at before I realised I was doing it, “occupational hazard” as my fellow cardinal said :slight_smile:./:m]
]Getting to talk to the Unbound for the first time about Virtue, likewise talking to Abraham on the same subject. Many conviction, such Highguard, wow :slight_smile:. Lovely to actually roleplay with folk there./:m]
]The Courage Assembly getting to the point where when they can bring me plot and I can just say ‘go deal with it’. Megan you have my full confidence :slight_smile:./:m]
]Kudos to my Gatekeeper, Inquistor and my new deputy/assistant for making excellent game, dear god we may actually be getting organised. /:m]
]Running around like loons with my Gatekeeper trying to get a letter sent by winged messenger in the last 30 mins of the event. /:m]
]Dedicating Clarice after expending a hero point to think clearly under an aura. Was a lovely characterful moment after seeing her character grow over the last year:)./:m]
]Dedicating Ysabel while in the middle of armouring up for war. Was already pretty convinced she was ‘our kind of people’, then she told me her recent exploits and yoink right I’ll be grabbing that one thank-you :slight_smile:./:m]
]Ending up round a campfire in Varushka as Joe, Bryony, Laura, Daniel and David told me knock, knock jokes and sang songs./:m]
]Then being ambushed by Isobel and her tentacles, she is officially terrible :p./:m]
]Being merrily beaten like a red headed step child by the Pledge and others regarding their front page./:m]
]The lady who plays Vahne from Wintermark telling me about her True Liao Vision, I totally forgot how to Highguard there for a while. /:m]
]Finally getting to read the The Looking Glass with eyebrows raised to their maximum extent. Kudos to Miranda and Mel :slight_smile:. /:m]
]And not forgetting having a conversation with Nina of Cantiarch’s Hold about Courage, she wants to become a priest of Courage when she passes her citizenship test and is entirely made of awesome./:m][/ul]

Nina of Cantiarch’s Hold has passed her citizenship and is already a priest magister dedicated to Courage!

Youngest citizen I think, she was formally recognised by the Egregore and made her Oath to the Hold on Sunday afternoon.

Awesome, I spoke to her on the Saturday before she was going to re-take her test on the Sunday :slight_smile:. I look forward to welcoming her to the Assembly.

There are dozens of things I could post (battle Rhino being near the top)
I will instead post one.
The kids.
They were AWESOME.
Apart from the fact that walking down the main drag they totally added to the feeling of being in a real city
The lad who got cut off from his unit and looked absolutely terrified as we ordered him to surrender. Slipped in, slid a dagger under his throat and whispered “you ok mate” his reply of “yeah, it’s called roleplay” made me giggle.
The girl who approached a slightly drunk and very lost Navar, asked what was the matter, then offered to guide him home.
Although there was a slight awkward moment as I tried to convey “I’m really nice and harmless and please don’t think I’m weird” to her dad ten feet away purely by the medium of mime it was one of the highlights of the event.
She guides me about 15 feet, points at a tent.
Drop to one knee introduce my character and tell her when she is full grown she will be a fine scout for the empire and on that day I will make her a mithril shirt, till then she should accept this 5 ring coin as wages and now get back to your Dad.
The grin on her face was priceless, looking at the coin like all her Christmas’s had come at once.
The Draughir (maybe 7 or 8) with awesome makeup and kit politely explaining to a player how ordering a non com into the front line is wrong and how they have lost a lot of respect “maybe you should have a think about that”

This is only event two for this character and I am really loving it!

  • All interactions with my Cardinal; Mark, thank you for being someone who delegates and gives autonomy. Also for fastest letter writing ever. Next time though, shall we just send the draft? :wink:
  • The Courage Assembly for having some of the quickest, most efficient meetings on the field, and Getting Stuff Done. Hopefully next event we will get even more Done.
  • Getting to interact with Clarice of Novarian again, and discovering that her character is essentially living my character’s greatest fear. Hugs.
  • My clarinet actually being requested at a ritual, and having the courage to get it out at a funeral (several people have commented that it was a good thing, still wrestling with myself OC a little for it but gradually being convinced it was OK).
  • Being up until stupid o’clock Friday and Saturday and not even noticing, such was the company.
  • Military council. Having Right Of Witness is awesome. The stress it causes my character is fantastic.
  • Getting to grips with Gatekeeper council. I’m starting to find my feet.

The downsides are simply that in having such a good time I am spending virtually no time with my IC family and very little with Varushka. I hope that having a slightly longer event next year will get me the grounding in my own nation that I really need. It’s a bit embarrassing to be asked about so-and-so and basically having to admit that I don’t know anyone. Eeep.

IC Hots:

  • O Virtues, I’m going to be a visionary.
  • Ylenrith speaking highly of me and saying that my diagram should be framed as a work of art.
    ** Ylenrith in general. We’re seriously talking about whether Ylenrith emits an aura of ‘you like this person’.
  • Kal. I’ve got some priests to talk to about you.
  • The conjunction: the heavens basically turning around to me and going “Don’t screw this up”.
  • All the briars: I’m so proud of you, even (perversely) Rachael, and all in your own individual fashion
  • Mari! More good done in one ritual than in how many seasons of arguing!
  • I’m a real person!
  • Conclave at its best. It’s not a comedy club, but there were some damn fine lines. And how many rituals did we just cast?
  • New Eternal! Must… learn… more…
  • Terun items! Two of them!

IC Nots:

  • Kal. You will make it across the Abyss. We will find your killer.
  • Bloody herald. I’ll have a scar.
  • Idiots. Whole world’s full of idiots and one of them might be me.
  • Conclave at its worst. There was a great deal of dross and rubbish.
  • Hate being penned up in a tent. If I’d been there on purpose I’d have been enjoying myself. As it was I was like a caged animal.

OC Hots:

  • Empire LRP, after two years, the thing that it does that you don’t get anywhere else is just how pretty it is, the sheer attention to detail in people’s kit and characterisation. Every Empire has been a little better looking than the one before, and it started pretty good. It’s like being inside a film.
    ** I know it’s sort of vain, but I loved how my makeup turned out.
  • Andrew, as I’ve said, it’s been amazing and I look forward to your next character. Your tribute to me brought actual tears to my eyes.
  • Shatterspire as always. We are awesome. (We are recruiting.)
  • Rebecca, Olwen, Issy, Joe, Bryony, Dan… uh, all the briars… flail
    **Being a token responsible adult. Me.
  • I accidentally teh famous. How I accidentally famous?
  • The whole becoming-archmage thing. I’m sad that we lost Kal, but Archmaging is going to be so much fun. Before the whole conclave he said “I want this man to be my successor”. Three hours later he was dead
  • Past life visions are something I thought I’d never get a chance of because of coming from a tiny group. Bring it on - there’s one word in my character background that didn’t end up being correct in play (I said Courage in the background and my game has been all about Vigilance), but I’ll email about that.
  • The Imperial Way of Virtue is really coming to life for me, as I try and base a character’s moral compass on this fundamentally skewed basis set.
  • Accidentally insulting the entire of Highguard and not actually apologising
    ** kinda repeatedly
    *** in fact, yeah, who likes highguard
    **** wait, I’m supposed to be pilgrimaging! Maybe I should pilgrimage elsewhere
  • The conjunction as a way of changing the rules is great, though I do hope that spontaneous rituals return in some form.
  • Ylenrith, as I said.
    ** Player event plans!
  • The violence that I was part of felt like real violence - intense, short, nasty, dirty, nearly pointless, hateful and left me feeling nauseated. Sounds weird to have this as a Hot, but the sheer realism of it was amazing. (So I’m buying a nice clean combat spell, of course.)
  • A dozen things I’ve forgotten

OC Nots:

  • Stuff I’ve emailed PD about involving plot, so I shall not speak of it here
  • Accidental 5.30am on the first evening and accidentally remembering having eaten breakfast as having eaten all meals for the day left me less-than-briar after midnight on the second, which was a real shame
  • Various awesome people being ill / absent
  • Think I may have caught something at the event.

IC - Hots
Being a Vision guide - I didn’t think I would get anywhere near to a vision for a few years yet. It was awesome and tied in with research I am conducting which was either genius or fluke. I love the whole build up around it. Made into a very special thing.

Starting to make progress with my research. A whole weekend of lose threads getting tied together.

Two completely different research threads getting entangled - one was just research for a story inspired by a brass token given to me last year - how have they become related!?!

The Glory Square, and how awesome fun it is being Dawnish

Seeing the Beggar Knight return to being Sir Colwyn - what a handsome devil!

My complex relationship with Varushka - the highlight was being dressed down by Yellosleveta as trying too hard to be Dawnish - I had no words

Meeting the Iron Duke in the Summer Realm - boy that felt good

Meeting the alchemist who could see auras and being told my aura was the brightest of all! I am now convinced I am an Exemplar of Pride reborn. And that straight after the Iron Duke - boy I was incorrigible!

Surviving the battle - that was excellent! (We survived, we can learn from our mistakes - Our house motto is Prove It - they did)

OOC Hots

My mum having an excellent time selling her brews and everyone helping her to do so.

Roleplaying my Orcs, especially the second one that I decided really wanted to survive the battle and make it back to the barrens - he did!

Nots - The toilets!