Autumn Festival Show (7pm 13/09/20)

Greetings Citizens!

We at the National Theatre are delighted to announce the cultural event of the season. The Theatre will be holding the Autumn Festival at 7pm on Sunday 13th September hosted by Mac of Hyrst Hall with a forward by the Mistresses of Revelry Coraphine Fiore de Tassato and Eurybia Melampus de Tassato, aka Blue.

We are looking for artists of all types! Songs to serenade and soothe us, poets or playwrights of power and panache, stories to strengthen and still our hearts, or any other talent you may wish to showcase for our entertainment. Our judges will be watching Vigilantly to see who will win in the following categories:

Best Sorrowful Performance

Best Joyful Performance

Best Erotic Performance

Best Comedic Performance

Best Political Satire

Most Epic Performance

Best Newcomer

Most Virtuous

Most Courageous

Best Overall Performance

There will also be a ‘People’s Choice’ category where the audience will vote for their favourite!

So come one, come all, be you new or veteran, professional or dabbler, and perform your heart out in the Autumn Festival.

We hope to raise some money to donate to NHS charities chosen from the NHS Charities Together list and the ‘Help Us Help People We Know’ group.

For those who are interested, please come to our Discord where you will be contacted to do video and audio checks:

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New discord link:

1 Like Here is the facebook event for you peoples!

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The “new discord link” above is really a link to faecbook.
Here it is properly: