Barbarian Calls

This may have been asked before:

Players have to invoke a Hero call (Cleave, Strikedown etc etc) but do barbarians have to do the same? In most of the battles that i have taken part in this hasn’t been the case. For example, in E4 there was a lot of ‘Strikedown’ calls without any backing vocals, so multiple Strikedown were happening instantly without players being warned that they were about to happen.

So tl;dr - barbarian vocals - yes or no?

Heroic calls definitely should be roleplayed by monsters, but it’s worth noting they don’t specifically require a vocal rp component according to the wiki:

All religious, magical and heroic skills require appropriate roleplaying to use. The roleplaying can be anything that is appropriate to your characterization and to the ability that you are using. Most skills of this kind require some audible speech or noise as part of the roleplaying. For example, you are using the heroic skill that allows you to break an enemies bones with your great sword. The appropriate roleplaying is a blow that you roleplay being swung with great force and perhaps a war-cry or an almighty groan of exertion.

That said though, it is quite easy to forget the “appropriate roleplay” component of heroic calls mid-battle.


The rules are the same for both players and barbarian monsters.

The rules do not require a verbal component to appropriate roleplaying for using a heroic skill (they do for a magical spell, iirc).

If you think you have observed someone not following the rules on appropriate roleplaying, please find a referee and inform them at the time, so we can follow up appropriately.