Bard Character

Hi, for my first event I was hoping to attend as a healer/spring Mage, but I was wondering what exactly being a bard consists of ? I am a belly dancer and I would love to somehow work this skill into my character but I’m not sure if dancing bards are a thing ?
Thank you

Do you know what nation you are planning to join? Belly dancing is very appropriate to the brass coast but several other nations dance also, the Marches usually have a maypole, and the League holds fancy balls!

Being a Bard, or troubadour or various other titles implies some sort of musicality but after that it’s whatever you make of it. There are various instrument players, lots of singers with varying amounts of skill, polish and range, any of which can be trumped by enthusiasm in many cases! Many of the nations have sing alongs in the evenings, mostly informal, just come and join in, but music anywhere will usually draw you an audience.


Yes you can have a change of nation in your background but remember the egregore nation magic would make you drop all the trappings of your previous nation very quickly to adopt the culture of your new nation.

There is a crew bard in the The Refrains who is specifically a dance bard, so dance is very much supported (but most obviously in the Brass Coast as others have mentioned).

You could be a Freeborn who is temporarily joining with a Varushkan group for a while as well (perhaps they have contracted you for your mage services for x months?). You can choose if you want to then become Varushkan or not, plus it gives you a lovely excuse to mosey over to Brass Coast and say hi. It’s probably not a long term solution but might give you a chance to have a feel for where you fit best.


And in terms of ‘what does a bard do’ I’d say that’s up to the bard, there are some character archetypes (e.g. troubadour in Dawn) but in general there’s no hard and fast rules. My character sings a lot but wouldn’t class herself as a bard, but my first character very much defined herself as one and spent a lot of time playing and singing as her main thing. Do as much or as little as feels right. :slight_smile:

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