Bardfest 2017

Bardfest 2017
27th-29th October 2017
Scammonden Activity Centre, Sledge Gate, Scammonden, Huddersfield

Ticket Price: £25 plus £25 meal ticket (optional, but advised).
How to book: Fill in the booking form here - Bardfest 2017 Booking Form
Payment options: Paypal, Bank Transfer and Cheque

What is Bardfest?
Bardfest is a celebration of the performing arts across all LRP - whether music, storytelling or dance. It will be of interest to everyone regardless of whether you just like to watch and listen, or do the odd bit of performing or are a seasoned bard.

During the days there will be:

  1. Showcases of music and stories where the artists will perform and talk about their material.
  2. Talks and panels exploring barding of all sorts.
  3. Workshops to practice your skills and learn new ones.
  4. Space for new collaborations and writing.

And then in the evening we is a big shindig where we share our music and stories and jam and dance to the small hours.

Check out our discussion group here: Redirecting...
Event Link here: Redirecting...

Ooh, I might just need to go to this…

OMFG that is about as ‘round the corner’ as we could get!!

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Bumping this as they could do with a few more bodies along to this so it can run :slight_smile:. Tell your friends.

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